What Garden Features Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers?

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If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near or distant future, then you’re probably wondering how you can make it more appealing to buyers. 

Homes with eye-catching features are likely to be snapped up by potential buyers, while homes with few or no interesting features might stay on the market for a long time. As such, it’s a great idea to add as many attractive features as you can if you’re looking for a quick sale.

Lawns, flower beds and trees

In today’s concrete world, there’s one thing that really appeals to potential homeowners – greenery. Most people consider green spaces an appealing feature because they’re so versatile! Whether you want to entertain guests, let the dogs run around, or simply relax with a nice glass of wine on an evening, a garden with a lawn and lots of greenery is perfect. 

If you’re getting ready to photograph your house for the listing, it’s vital that your garden is looking its best. Take a bit of time to remove unwanted weeds, cut the grass and make sure you choose a nice sunny day for the photoshoot. A little bit of care and attention in the garden can seal the deal for a potential buyer.

Patio area

One feature that potential buyers might be looking for are outdoor tiles. Unlike grass, which needs a fair amount of upkeep, a patio requires minimal maintenance. This makes a patio a very appealing feature in family homes or homes for working professionals. People with minimal free time are likely to choose a house with part-lawn, part-patio because the overall amount of work it’ll require is much less. 

Another reason that patios are an attractive feature, is their stability. An outdoor dining table or seating area will sit comfortably on a patio, but can easily damage a lawn. For that reason, potential buyers that are keen to use their outdoor space to entertain guests regularly will be looking for a sturdy patio area. 

Sheltered area or sunroom

For the ultimate ‘wow-factor’ you could add a sheltered area or sunroom to your garden. Adding a garden room or veranda dramatically increases the amount of usable living space in your garden, and will make the garden more accessible all year round. 

For potential homeowners in Britain, having a sheltered area in the garden is appealing because the weather is so temperamental. A sunny BBQ with friends can quickly turn into a spring shower, so having somewhere undercover to move to is a real benefit. Plus, these striking garden features can really improve your home’s kerb appeal, helping you to capture attention from potential buyers passing by.

All of these features are perfect if you’re looking to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Why not incorporate a couple of them into your garden before putting it on the market?


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