Using Tobacco e Liquid to Quit Nicotine: A Simple Guide

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Tobacco e liquids are not the first option most vapers go for when they choose flavors, but one crowd they’re popular with are people who want to quit smoking. These liquids are closer to an actual cigarette and might be comforting for someone who’s still craving a smoke from time to time. However, it’s very important to know that you can’t just substitute one for the other and expect to stop nicotine completely without a plan. Let’s take a look at how you can use tobacco e liquid to stop nicotine completely.

Choose the Proper Device

The first thing we would suggest is that you look for the proper device. If you’re just starting out, then there’s no point in buying one of those cloud chuckers you often see. More vapor means more nicotine, and getting too much won’t help you.

Instead, we would suggest that you look at a smaller “cigalike” unit or a pod device. These produce much less vapor in general and will give you just the dose that you need. You should also look into mouth-to-lung units vs direct-to-lung devices.

Mouth-to-lung vapes are said to reproduce the feeling of smoking better than direct-to-lung devices. That doesn’t mean that you can’t look at direct-to-lung devices as you might prefer them, but if your goal is to feel as if you’re smoking a cigarette, mouth-to-lung is the way to go.

Choose the Right Liquid

Know that there are two main types of nicotine juices on the market. You have freebase liquids and nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are the hot new thing and are extremely popular. Some people swear by them, but if you’re a smoker, freebase tobacco e liquid might be the best option as the mouth and throat feel is much more similar to smoking. Another thing you should know about nic salts is that they can have a much higher concentration because of the softer hit, so think twice about going for the super highly concentrated ones.

Start High and Taper Off Your Consumption

The most important step when you’re trying to stop nicotine is to start with a high enough dose for you, then gradually taper off until you don’t need nicotine anymore. A 24 mg juice will usually be a great starting point for a smoker, but go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Next, you can decide to go down in small increments or big ones. Some will gradually go from a 24mg liquid to an 18mg then work their way down, while others may go for a heavy liquid to the lowest concentration directly. It’s really about how you feel. If you feel satisfied with a light liquid, this should be your new level. There is no set time for you to switch either, though we would suggest you try after about a month at each level.

Once you’re at the lowest strength possible, you will have to prepare to switch to no nicotine liquids. This might be tough, and some will never be able to completely stop, but consider reduced consumption a victory. You can make a date for it, but it’s not completely necessary. The main key to success is to go at your own pace and not be too hard on yourself.

If you were looking for a plan on how to quit nicotine completely with tobacco e liquids, we hope we were able to help. Do it right, and you might finally be able to kiss nicotine goodbye forever.

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