Can accessibility overlay Help Me and My Business?

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Well before we can answer that, what is accessibility overlay? It is software that can be added to your site that will scan the code to see if it accessible to disabled users. If it finds areas for improvement, it will fix these automatically to make your website user friendly for all. It is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to make sure your website is fully accessible to disabled users.

Why is accessibility an important issue?

The most important reason is because everyone deserves to be able to access the same information available online, whether they are disabled or not. Those who are disabled should not get left behind because of accessibility issues, especially when there is an easy solution, using website accessibility overlay.

It is also important because it is now a legal matter in many countries. Legislation has been passed around the world to make sure the rights of disabled people are taken into account when websites are being created or updated. So, you could find that you are breaking the law if you don’t have an accessible website. The urgency of this is shown in the steep rise of lawsuits being filed against companies that haven’t made their websites fully accessible. It could be a costly mistake to make, both financially and to your company’s reputation.

Other reasons for making your website fully accessible are the benefits it can bring to you and your business. Higher search engine rankings, much larger potential for visitors and buyers on your site, and a good reputation are all yours to enjoy, along with the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by those who are disabled and you’re complying with the laws of the land.

Can accessibility overlay help me and my business?

If your website is not yet disabled user friendly, then, yes, accessibility overlay could be just the thing for you. It can feel overwhelming to make an entire site disabled user friendly, especially if there’s a risk of breaking the law if you don’t get it right. But using an accessibility overlay takes the pressure off you and as already said, it gives you peace of mind. Once the software is there it will make the needed changes for you and quickly.


To get your website fully accessible, an accessibility overlay is a great tool to use. In a matter of days, you could be enjoying a fully accessible website for all your users and enjoying the benefits that result from this yourself.

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