Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

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It’s only a few months before Christmas, and you now feel the holiday season with early sales and promos, including the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You are probably excited about putting up your Christmas decorations, but not with holiday cleaning. However, it’s the best time to clean the house with your holiday break in place. Here’s a guide to making the task efficient and hassle-free.

Clean every part of the house.

  • Entryway. Wipe the door and replace the doormats with clean ones. If you have a coat closet, clean and remove old items stored to free up space for coats you often use and your guests. If you don’t have a closet, place a coat track, so guests can conveniently hang their coats as soon as they enter your home
  • Bedroom. Change the bed sheet, blanket, and pillowcase. You may also rearrange your furniture to give your bedroom a fresh feel. Finally, vacuum the floor and use essential oil in a diffuser to make your bedroom more relaxing. You will have a good night’s rest and enjoy the holiday even more. 
  • Kitchen. Do a deep cleaning of your fridge. Turn it off and remove everything stored in it. Determine what you need to throw, and keep. Then clean and deodorize. Clean other appliances, countertops, and cabinets too. It’s also your chance to eliminate old items you no longer use. It applies to things in other parts of the house. Old items may accumulate over time, which you no longer need but forgot to dispose of. Set aside items you can recycle, like those made from metal. They include cookware, spoons, mixers, and cutlery. You can bring them to recycling facilities like Langley Recycling and turn them to cash. 
  • Living room. Vacuum the sofa and carpet, and replace throw pillow case with new ones. Wipe all surfaces and appliances with a clean, soft cloth to prevent abrasion. You may also rearrange your furniture and appliances for an instant living room upgrade. 
  • Bathroom. Replace the shower curtain, towels, and rags with clean ones, and give them a good wash. Next, clean every corner, including the toilet, sink, and floor, with a mild cleaner to prevent damaging the surface. Don’t miss even the little details, including the shower head and faucet. 

A clean and organized house is essential for your health and general well-being. It’s easy to rest and relax in a tidy home than in a cluttered one. Here are more general cleaning tips to help you achieve this.

Start on areas that get the most traffic.

If you have a large family or many guests coming over, areas like the entryway and living room will get the most traffic. So, start in those places since they probably have the most dirt. Then, once done with the other areas, you can give them another go. 

Clean one room at a time

If you have several days for your holiday break, you can clean one room at a time so it won’t be overwhelming. 

Make your holiday break more productive with these cleaning tips. Get the entire family involved, and it will make the job faster. 

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