How to Get Over Heartbreak

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Such is the nature of people and relationships, heartbreaks are an unfortunate reality for many people. This is something that almost everyone can relate to and despite the fact that it is commonplace, it doesn’t make the process any easier to get over. The positive thought that you need to keep in mind however, is that you will get over it, and you  will learn to love again. Whether you have just come out of a lengthy relationship or a an intense but short relationship, heartbreak is a very tough thing to experience. To help you find your way through the pain, here are some tips which can help you to mend that broken heart a little quicker.


You must distance yourself from the source of the pain from the outset, in order to minimize the damage. Stay away from contact with your ex, don’t go to your old haunts, don’t continue routines which you had together and try to remove yourself from doing things that you would have previously done together. This won’t be forever, but whilst the pain is fresh, you need that distance.

No Judging

During a heartbreak we begin to judge ourselves for our feelings, feeling silly for being so upset and perhaps ashamed that you feel as bad as you do. This is a natural process that you are going through, you should be upset and you should feel down, this is the mind’s way of coping and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

All About You

As soon as you are able to, you need to start getting back to focussing on you, and helping yourself as best as you can. Start trying to eat well, get some regular exercise and practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation to be the strongest that you can, mind, body and soul. Not only will these activities help to distract you, they will give you the tools to feel better about yourself, and slowly begin to move on.

Call in the Troops

You may not feeling like talking, but you should most definitely lean on family and friends during a time like this. You must make sure that you are confiding in friends, and spending time with them to help you get over the heartbreak. True friends and loving family will rally around you, and help you to start feeling better.

Write Everything

The pen and paper are your friend during this time and you should try to exercise your mind by writing down everything that you are feeling. This helps to get out what you have in your head, and also gives you the chance to look back in the future, to see the progress you have made. Write down lessons you have learned, your feelings, why the relationship ended, and what you would say to your ex if they were here, never show them of course, but write it down nonetheless.

You will get through this, and you will be happy again, time and positive thinking is what you need, give your heartbreak that, and you will be just fine.

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