ShiftSmart – What Are The Benefits of Remote Working For Employers?

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Incredible online companies like ShiftSmart have been popping up over the last couple of years, which specialize in remote workers and connecting them with employers. Historically, at least since the dawn of the internet and online working software, the benefits of remote working appeared to only be for the employees. This however really isn’t the case and the reason why there are more remote working companies now than before, is that the benefits can also be extended to the employer.

Over the last year we have seen a huge rise in remote working and these are just some of the reasons why more employers should look to get involved.

Increased Productivity

One of the biggest concerns which employers used to have about this idea of staff working from their home or out of the office, is that the productivity would go down. The reality however is that the opposite is true when you have staff working from home. There are a number of factors behind this such as more content staff, and this has proven to be a great move for employers. Man think that the home has more distractions than the office, but again here we see the opposite being true.

Great Cost Savings

There is much money to be saved by those businesses who decide to get rid of the office or downsize greatly. Considering the costs associated with energy usage, additional staff such as cleaners and kitchen staff, not to mention the actual rental cost or purchase price of the space, there is a great deal to be saved. Companies will have to offer slightly larger salaries to cover electricity and internet costs in the home, or perhaps co-working membership fees, but all told it will be far less expensive than it is right now.

Happier Staff

Previously when employers were told that their staff would be happier at home, they assumed that this would be to the detriment of their work. The reality is however that happier staff work harder, they are more prompt and they are better organized. Stripping away the cost and time of their commute to work, the lack of flexibility which they have to get things done at home or even be there fr children. All of these factors result in happier staff and that is one of the key reasons why you will see productivity go up.

Easier Management

Thanks to remote working software you will be able to manage your staff through a single dashboard. They will have certain responsibilities around logging on and off at certain times and providing updates around what they are working on and what the status of the project is. Ultimately this makes the job of your management significantly easier, and that again helps them to stay on top of projects and what their staff are doing at all times.

There is no doubt that this kind of working provides a win-win for both staff and companies.

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