Should It Be Hemp or CBD Vape Cartridges?

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Vaping hemp oil is becoming a supremely popular method for absorbing CBD quickly into the body’s bloodstream effectively. But it’s essential to know which products to use with the right types of devices. You can’t use all oils in a vaping device. Nor can you ingest vaping oil.

Hemp Oil 

The Cannabis Sativa plant is the resource from which hemp oil extracts. For a long period “cannabis” as a term and a product carried a stigma with it which is only now beginning to diminish particularly where hemp and CBD or cannabidiol are concerned. Hemp and all of its derivatives were legalized a couple of years ago due to its mere trace levels of the psychoactive component of the cannabinoid THC. This is the part of marijuana that creates the “high.”

Hemp and its derivatives are non-intoxicating instead focusing on therapeutic benefits with results that merely relax and de-stress adding a more focused and alert mindset.

Vaping With Hemp Oil

CBD hemp oil vaping is reminiscent of using “e-cig” vaporizers. Still, you’re not using the harmful nicotine products, instead substituting the therapeutic hemp CBD oils in these types of devices. The vape oil extracts from hemp plants. 

These are rich in cannabidiol or CBD, which is what gets absorbed into the body and offers properties consistent with enhancing overall wellness. The vape substance requires a unique formula that needs an “e-liquid” added to the ingredients to vaporize in an adequate fashion.

Many manufacturers incorporate PG/Propylene Glycol or VG/Vegetable Glycerin. These boast as generating the vapor carrying the compound and the flavor from the pure hemp oil. 

There’s a vast array of hemp oil vape cartridges meant to emphasize the CBD compound flavor and texture. The choice is a matter of condition first and then a recreational preference. Depending on why you are consuming the products will help you choose among the many options.

Safety Of Hemp Oil Vape

When you have a product like hemp or CBD oil in a pure consistency, the use of vape for delivery is merely a matter of warming the substance to the level where a vapor develops, and you can then inhale the fumes. 

People incorporate this method because it sounds relatively harmless, but when you inhale a compound into your lungs, it’s starkly different from eating something, and the risks can change drastically. 

Claims suggest that vaping is safe but that you should be aware of risks and take certain precautions. It is among the most efficient of methods for getting CBD into the bloodstream, with a potency growing up to four times that of other delivery methods. 

As many benefits as you can list compare to the risks involved, like the fact that the concept does not have a full understanding, with potential for side effects that are as yet not entirely known. Go here for a beginner’s guide to vaping CBD.

Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil

A common misconception is mistaking hemp oil for CBD oil. These are not one and the same. Hemp oil genuinely consists of virtually little to zero levels of CBD. That is why the substance is so much more budget-friendly than cannabidiol oil.

These two terms get used interchangeably quite a bit, unfortunately, with packaging, labels and manufacturers attempting to sell products with none of the beneficial substances in the ingredients. 

Pure CBD oil is not something that you can vape. These are products sold separately in oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals. The substances that you vape are, in fact, CBD vape juices. The oils are not for use in vape devices. And you should avoid ingesting CBD vape juice as you would CBD oil.

Final Thought

The world of hemp, CBD, and cannabis can get confusing for consumers, especially when you are attempting to buy products for vaping. The cannabis plant generally separates into hemp and marijuana.

Hemp-derived products are legal and the options you should choose from for everything, including vaping. But you do not want to use pure CBD oil for vaping. CBD vaping juice is specific for this purpose. You also want to avoid ingesting the vape juice in any way other than through a vaporizer. Learn the fundamentals of vaping CBD at

The bottom line with hemp oil is that it is a very mild product that contains very little and sometimes zero CBD. The substance will be of minimal advantage when vaping. The ideal option boasting optimum therapeutic benefits to help enhance overall wellness without an adverse response is CBD vape juice for those 

interested in using vape for consumption.

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