What You Need To Know Before You Take The GMAT

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If you are planning to attend business school, then you must be aware that taking the GMAT is part of the admission process. The results of the GMAT help business schools to assess the relevant qualifications of anticipating business and management students, so they can choose only the most qualified ones. Therefore, due to the strict nature of these tests, you have to prepare beforehand to secure yourself a spot amongst thousands of applicants. Before you jump with excitement, here are few essential things that you should know before embarking on your GMAT test prep:

Your GMAT Score Is Good For 5 Years

Once you sit for the GMAT exam, you will have to wait for twenty days before you receive your results. Once you do, they can only be used to showcase your qualifications for five years. So, this means you should apply for a position at a business school of your choice as soon as possible. If you’re forced to wait for a few more months, then don’t forget the time limit of your score. The last thing you would want is for them to expire before you use them.  

GMAT Test Prep

Be prepared for all the four sections of the GMAT. First, comes the analytical writing where your communication abilities and critical analysis will be put to the test. Second, comes the integrated reasoning that will require you to give answers to a list of twelve questions to determine your information evaluation capabilities. Thirdly, you will undertake the quantitative assessment, where you will have to study the presented data, analyze it, and come up with specific conclusions. Lastly, the fourth section is the verbal one, which will help determine both your reading and understanding skills. You should also be able to demonstrate your ability to make corrections in various written materials and understand arguments.

The GMAT is nothing like any other tests you may have taken in undergrad, so it is important to set aside enough time for your test prep. Building a study schedule and taking numerous practice tests are easy ways to ensure you are prepared for the exam day. Many students also choose to find a GMAT test prep tutor or prep course. Having a tutor is a great way to keep yourself accountable in your studies, as well as give yourself somebody to turn to if you need help or have questions.

GMAT Scoring

Since there are four sections of the GMAT, you will also receive four scores for each of the parts. For instance, you will be graded from between 0-10 in analytical thinking, with 10 being the maximum and 0 the least. For integrated reasoning, your score will range anywhere between 1 to 8, while verbal and quanitative assessments are graded between 0 to 60. So, you have to ensure you score well in all sections for a high score.

There is a total score after all of the sections have been graded. In the end, you will also have a total score that ranges anywhere between 200 to 800. There is an increment of ten and with a consideration of only the qualitative and verbal scores. Most examinees score between 400 to 600, which is pretty good. You will also get a percentile rank in your score report.

No Failing Or Passing

With the GMAT test, you don’t have to worry about failing or passing. The score you require largely depends on the school of your choice. They usually have a designated score range requirement, so check with the schools you plan to apply to for a target score.


The above points are just but a few things that you should know before starting your GMAT test prep. Remember, information is always power. So, ensure you’re well equipped!

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