5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Deck Pristine

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While having a wooden deck installed in your property may appear to be an extensive project to pursue, the benefits it offers outweigh the many reservations you may have. Firstly, a deck will indeed enhance the appearance of your property’s exterior. Apart from beautifying your home, you also increase its value, which experts agree can boost the price of a property more than a new bathroom, for instance. A deck is also the perfect place to bond with family members or have guests over for get-togethers. It provides the space to have barbecues and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

A wooden deck would be the best choice as wood is durable and reasonably priced. It is also attractive with that natural look that people find appealing. Just the same, having a deck requires proper maintenance. A yearly inspection ensures that it is in its prime shape, or it may not last as long as you expect it to. Most homeowners are also using a bedliner on a wooden deck to protect it from rotting and deteriorating. They want to ensure that their wooden deck is provided with the care it needs to last and always look its best. 

Below are five tips to keep your wooden deck pristine.

1. Keep it clean

Your wood deck constantly takes a lot of abuse from the elements throughout the year. Thus, it is essential to maintain its upkeep by cleaning it regularly. It is also necessary to refinish your deck when the need arises. First, use a pump sprayer to apply your deck cleaner and allow it to set according to the recommended time. The next step would be to use a pressure washer, evenly spraying the area. Finally, ensure that the surface is dry before your work on refinishing.

2. Follow product directions

Although you may have decided to build a deck in your property to enhance its appearance, maintenance is another matter. What it calls for is knowing what your deck products are and following the instructions provided. There are various maintenance products for wood decks, and each of them has a specific method of usage. Manufacturers offer you instructions, and it is your responsibility to follow them or risk having long-term problems.

3. Replace old deck boards

You may think that proper maintenance will ensure that your wood deck will always be in top shape. However, some things are unavoidable. Through time, wood deteriorates, especially since it is constantly exposed to a variety of elements. When deck boards rot or have noticeable wear and tear, the only recourse is to replace them.

4. Provide preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an effective method of preserving your deck. For instance, exposure to sunlight can result in changes in your deck’s color. To avoid discoloration, it would be a good idea to move items on your deck,  such as furniture or potted plants, every once in a while.  Trim plants, bushes, and shrubs to keep them about a foot from your deck to avoid the moisture that their debris produces. Keeping your deck grounds clean keeps it from deteriorating.

5. Clean off the old stains

Before applying a new stain coating, ensure that you first clean off the old stain from your deck. Old stains can come off and start peeling as time passes, which can damage the fresh stain. Therefore, it is best to ensure that every affected part of your deck is handled before re-staining.

Your wood deck will serve you well and keep your home exterior looking attractive if you maintain its upkeep and provide it with the care it requires.


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