Architectural Fun With a Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling Unit

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Dwelling units have been growing in popularity over the last decade as more and more home owners seek to get the most out of their property. These units can be built as summer houses, additional living quarters and outdoor buildings which can perfectly compliment the garden or yard design on the property. Los Angeles accessory dwelling unit design has certainly been one of the most exciting areas which we have seen within this sector however, and there are a number of reasons why these dwelling units in particular are catching people’s attention.

Young Architects

It is fair to say that LA is a pretty hip place and there is a lot of money here which people are happy to spend on making things look good. This is juts what has happened with these dwelling units and a broad range of people are looking to young and adventurous architects to help take their dwelling units to the next level. Not only do property owners get a great looking dwelling unit when they do this, they also can count on a lower cost service because of the lack of experience which these designers have. What they lack in experience however, they more than make up for in exciting design

Positive Competition

Another key aspect of why this has caught on so much in a city like LA is that we have seen the creation of positive competition here. People want to keep up with and/or beat others with their sense of style and design. This can be said for both the property owners and the designers of these dwelling units. The result is a constant striving to be better and that is why we are seeing such cool and well thought out designs.

High Usage

Los Angeles is a city which counts on a great standard of warm weather throughout the year, which lends itself perfectly to more people being outside. This removes a lot of the challenges which ADU designers face in cooler climates. Knowing that the ADU is going to be used on a constant basis throughout the year gives designers confidence in their designs and it also opens them up to a far broader range of options. Los Angeles residents are also far more inclined to design such a unit because of the fact that they know the weather will allow them to use it.


Some cities around the world are far more eco-friendly than others and LA is very much one which has taken this on. This goes for both residents and designers, who are now trying to responsibly source materials and use their designs to increase natural lighting and energy creation. The fact that both parties are so keen on making eco-friendly houses, we can clearly see why so many are looking to invest in these exciting buildings on the property of their homes.

This is why LA is leading the way in the creation of exiting accessory dwelling units.

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