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YouTube is a great platform for marketing and advertising. This platform is great for business promotion. And if you also know how to use special affiliate programs and donations, then there is also an opportunity to make huge money.

That’s why the competition on YouTube is very high. To succeed and monetize your content, you need to use useful techniques, which I will tell a little bit below. The platform is huge and has millions of users. Youtube has all the functionality you need for uploading and editing your content, and the SMM platform has all the services you need to fully promote your content!

Advice number 1. Study your audience

According to statistics, YouTube has 2 billion users. Moreover, the site itself is the second most visited in the world. To make your channel successful, you must determine for whom your content will be designed. Knowing your audience is a very important step in building your marketing strategy.  Every content will find its user. Try to anticipate events and determine in advance what contingent of people is right for you!

A basic list of criteria consists of:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Time spent online
  • Interests and hobbies

Many of the statistics you can find on the Internet because they are freely available. The rest you will need to analyze in order to draw conclusions. Put yourself in the place of your viewer, pay attention to what is interesting for you, what content attracts attention, and why. Listen to your friends, what they often watch on YouTube and what they are interested in. Read articles and expert opinions! Use promotional services: if you buy Youtube views your video will attract more users and subscribers to your channel!

Advice number 2. Don’t change who you are 

Stay who you are and do what you love to do. If you like what you do, then every user will see it.  It’s very difficult to create something interesting and unique that you yourself are not interested in, and most importantly, the audience feels it! Your professionalism and passion for what you do will attract as many viewers as possible to your channel.  People appreciate sincerity and honesty. Doing what you love can be a motivator for your audience because just wanting to do what you love says a lot!

Before you follow popular trends you need to define your niche and understand what appeals to you most. You should pay attention to trends and tricks that appear on the web, but you should not copy them completely. Follow the news and relevant information, but do not copy it completely, do it with your own branded presentation. Present new trends with your own pitch and in your own style, then this will be interesting and unique content that will draw the attention of your audience!

Advice number 3. Unique style

Any activity on YouTube requires effort. From working on content to shooting videos. To become famous on this platform you need to learn how to shoot, edit and post content. And that’s not so easy. Many bloggers start shooting videos on their cell phones and very often post them without any special processing.  There is nothing wrong with shooting video on your smartphone, especially modern technology allows cameras on the phone to shoot like professional equipment, but it is a mistake to post videos without any processing!

In order for your video to be shot in a comfy environment and to be enjoyed by users, you will need to do the following:

The place where you will be filming. It is desirable to find a quiet background, the best way is to have it free from unnecessary junk. It can be a corner of your room or you can buy a solid background and use it. One of the main points is the lighting. You have to care about your viewer. If the lighting is too bright, it will strain the eyes, and if all the images will be in the pixels, then the user will not be able to make out what is happening on your screen. Good lighting can make your video comfortable to watch, and it can help make your face look more attractive. A good angle and light is an important issue that you should definitely pay attention to.

What about the equipment? As we said before you can shoot video on your cell phone if your camera has a high resolution, but if not and you only use the phone to make calls, then you’ll have to get a camera! Good quality of your video is in more demand on YouTube than poorly filmed videos.

Editing. The hardest thing you’ll face is editing your videos. You can initially entrust the issue of filming to professionals, but it will be quite expensive, especially at the initial stage, so the basic editing skills, all the same, will have to be learned. Especially if you are able to edit your own videos – it will be a huge plus for you, because then you can edit your videos just the way you want. Read the articles, watch the video tutorials and go ahead!

Branding. Your channel has a name, but it would be nice if you had your own logos that people could tell you from other users! You can define your brand colors, choose a certain font. The visual design of the channel should cause the viewer to associate specifically with you. Look at the channels of popular YouTubers and their topics, analyze your content and decide for yourself what you can best be associated with respect to your subscribers. 

Advice number 4. You can build your personal brand!

If you have already decided on the topic of your channel, then it’s time to find your brand identity. You should use the following criteria to build your personal brand:

Choose your particular style. Many bloggers use special and unique clothing. You need your own special style, too. It can be the way you speak, an unusual headdress, your voice, or even your hairstyle. There has to be a signature thing that is present in every video you make. 

Personal branding should be built on your personality traits. Think about what qualities of your character you are willing to bring out and use them in your image.

Advice number 5.  Inspiration and relaxation

For your content to be fresh and engaging you yourself must be happy. Try to keep a balance of rest and work. Your audience is unlikely to want to watch a tired and sad blogger, but to stay upbeat, look for inspiration in the things you really enjoy. 

We wish you luck and a lot of views. Use these tricks and bring your YouTube channels to the first lines of search!

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