Dino Tomassetti Jr – Why We Need Building Code

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Many who are looking at building something new be it a property or a structure on the land or by the property that they already own, will have no doubt found thing difficult when it comes to building code. Building code is a set of rules and regulations  which must be adhered to when constructing any kind of building and it is absolutely imperative that they are adhered to. 

Dino Tomassetti Jr has worked in this industry for many years and he has been speaking recently about the dangers of not complying with building code. This goes for those who construct buildings as well as those who commission it. The risks can range from a small fine to criminal charges and that is exactly why it is so important that  they are complied with. The need for building regulations however is important and here is exactly why they are in place. 


The primary reason for having building regulations is to ensure the safety of both the construction workers, those around the project and those who will be using the building in the future. The world of construction has had to learn from a great many mistakes that have taken place over time, and this is what has given way to these regulations. If construction carried on in a lawless fashion then we would see a huge number of injuries and possibly deaths as a result. These current laws and regulations are a culmination of everything that we have learned throughout the years. 


It is not just the protection of the people who are involved with the building that building code applies to, but also the protection of heritage in some cases. There are many cities and towns around the world which have enacted certain aspects of the building code in order to protect the landscape in which they live. This may be the avoidance of having modern structures in a Gerogian-style streets, it could be something like they haven Marrakech where no building will be higher than the mosque, or perhaps even that any building must adhere to stricter guidelines in order to respect the surrounding environment of where the property is being built. The point is that code in this respect is used for the protection and the preservation fo society. 


Planning permission is also about ensuring that nobody is able to encroach on the space or on the freedoms of a neighbor or fellow resident. For example there are many who have their planning permission to build an extension rejected, because it will block the view of a neighbor. Again this is a very important aspect of building code because it focuses on the freedoms which people have and the respect that we should have for those freedoms. 

It is imperative that if you are looking at building something on your property, adding something to it or constructing something from scratch, that you ensure that you have checked out the building code to make sure that your plans are legal.

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