How Underground Cellar Makes Wine Buying Fun

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It’s hard to ignore the power of premium wine in your daily life. When you want an enjoyable Friday night, when you want to celebrate a birthday, or when you simply want something great for dinner, there is almost always a bottle of wine on the table. But despite its prevalence in our culture, it can be challenging to shop for good wine.

The average person doesn’t want to take up their entire evening trying to find a good bottle of wine at the store, and because there are so many options, it can be intimidating. There are plenty of websites that sell cheaper wines, but almost all of them feature wines with significant discounts (and I promise you – they’re not delicious). It’s simple – If you want a quality wine, you have to pay for it.

But what if there is a different way? What if there is a website that not only features wines from all over the world but also includes fun promotions and rewards? Underground Cellar is a subscription-based online retailer that makes buying wine easy, fun, and affordable.

“We’ve made it our mission to deliver high-end wines at a deep discount so that every wine drinker, regardless of their budget or taste, is able to enjoy what they love most,” said Underground Cellar VP of Technology Jordan Simon. “Because we only work with the biggest names in the industry, we’re able to provide higher quality wine than what you’ll find at the corner store, and we choose wines that will get people excited.”

And there’s more to it than just making wine buying fun – The biggest feature of Underground Cellar is that it’s completely randomized. For a flat monthly fee of $39, you have unlimited access to amazing wines from around the world, and when you receive your shipment, you won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives at your doorstep – A truly unique shopping experience.

“This lets customers try products they might not normally purchase,” said Simon. “We have a new shipment every month, so there is always something exciting to look forward to. We also add in upgraded wines for customers who take advantage of our auto-delivery feature.”

In addition to the subscription service, Underground Cellar offers free nationwide shipping on orders over $100 and plans to open up their online store to be available without a subscription soon. “Our goal is to provide access to these wines, so everyone has the chance to enjoy them.”

As for what’s next, Underground Cellar is planning some exciting changes in the coming months. “We plan on continuing our efforts to bring people quality wines at an affordable price,” said Simon. “We’re also working on some new features that will be announced in the next couple of months. We’re working with a technology company to launch a new iOS app, and we’re going to be making our website available for even more users.”

So, stop looking for a better way to buy wine and try it out for yourself at You won’t regret it.

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