Online Resources Which Make Learning Fun

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Learning something new, be it through the education system or simply a new skill or ability which you are learning, is always made better when you are having fun at the same time. In fact it has been shown in a number scientific studies that your brain is far more focussed, engaged and active, when you are enjoying yourself, and this in turn stimulates your ability to learn. We live in a wonderful world where information is everywhere, and it can be easily accessed through the world wide web. For the perfect marriage of fun and education, here are some of the resources which you should look to use, to enjoy your learning process.


YouTube is not just a great place to watch sports highlights, music and silly videos, you can also use it as a great resource for learning. For those who are in education, there are a great many organizations and educational institutions who have uploaded fun videos to explain a wide range of subjects. Those looking to learn something new such as a skill or a hobby can also find tutorials which are entertaining, insightful and offer a little bit of fun whilst you learn.

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a great resource for those looking to brush up their knowledge or take on a new subject. The academy’s resources are absolutely free and they perfectly mix serious learning, with fun activities and games which are used to support the educational process. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge, resources and subject matter which you will find on the Khan Academy website so regardless of what you want to learn or how, you can easily do it here.


For those looking at picking up a new skill or hobby, Wikihow is a wonderful resource. The idea which the founders of the website had, was that one day the website would have guides and tutorials on how to do just about everything, and they are not far away from realizing that goal. The way in which this website shows you how to do things is light hearted, and quite fun, complete with detailed information and pictures which explain each step. Whether you are looking at how to fix a car, how to make a chair or how to write an article, this is the place to go.


Applications for smartphones and computers offer a huge range of fun and engaging ways to learn, and to reinforce your learning. Whether you are learning Spanish, Geography or Business, there are apps for all age groups which will make this process one which is engaging and entertaining. Whatever your subject is, make sure that you go to the App store or the Google Play store, to see what apps are out there that can help you improve how you learn, and what you learn. Download several apps and see which one you like best.


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