Reasons Why There Are no International Gambling Laws

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When it comes to online gambling and the laws which surround it, they are always dictated by the individual country in which the casino operates. Even if the casino company is based in another nation, if it wishes to operate elsewhere, it must abide by the local laws in that country. The excellent casinos found here in Australia for example, must abide only by Aussie laws which have been set out by the government. Why exactly is there no unifying global law? Well this is something which might sound like a good idea, but in fact simply wouldn’t work. Let’s take a look.

Needs of the People 

The first point to make here is that laws are generally enacted based on the attitudes and the behaviors of the citizens. Let’s take casinos français en ligne for example, the French have made their laws regarding the actions of casinos, based on how popular online betting is and what risks there may be to France’s citizens. These laws may of course differ from the USA, based on the changed attitudes which the people have their. Remember that laws are in place to protect citizens, and each gaming law has been decreed on that basis. People are always different from country to country when it comes to general behaviors.


Given the sheer volume of money which online gambling can bring to a country, many laws are made based on the economic opinions of the government. We know this of course from our own nations, which have parties on both sides of the aisle, both of whom looking to do different things with taxes. A single, international law would never suit everyone and would be incredibly hard to enforce given each nation’s individual fiscal policy.


We have to remember also that gambling online is still not legal across the world. Most of the biggest nations around the world do allow online gambling but there are still so many countries which have yet to legalize this. Given this fact, creating international laws simply wouldn’t work because of the fact that not all countries are signed up to it. Additionally each country simply may not agree on what the laws are, and that would end up causing fractures in some level of International relations.

Learning From Each Other

We may not be able to have a single law which is enforced around the world when it comes to gambling, just in the way that we don’t have other laws relating to personal behaviors. With this being said however we can reach out to other countries and find out exactly what they are doing well in this regard, and what hasn’t worked at all. Through this open communication we can all learn what best practices are, both for the casino and for the customer.

If you are going to gamble online, make sure that you choose a casino which is based in the country in which you live.

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