Roger Wolfson – How to Write And Be Funny

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There are many different types of comedy writing which you can do if you feel that you have the funny gene inside you. Depending on your particular passion or your ability you could go for intelligent and subtle comedy writing like the brilliant Roger Wolfson, using wit and fast talking as your weaponry, alternatively you could go down the Chris Rock route with the joke after joke after joke attitude, or you could even do the snappy, Sarah Silverman observational route. No matter which particular area you wish to go down, here are some tips on ensuring that what you are writing is funny, and will do well.


It is always worth trying out different styles in order to try and find out what works best for you. The way that you verbally tell a joke doesn’t always work well in a TV or a movie format, and you only have to look at someone like Eddie Murphy to see that. In the early days Eddie Murphy was this energetic and punchline driven stand up, but when he went to work on writing his own films he quickly realized that the same approach wouldn’t work, and so he switched up his style altogether.


If you are writing stuff privately for yourself and you think that it is funny then that is brilliant and that’s where you should remain if you are happy. If however you want to take your work out there into the world, you need people to think that you are funny, which means you will need some feedback. The key to getting accurate feedback is trying out your material, or indeed showing your material, to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and who enjoy different types of humor. In doing this you will be able to get a broad cross section of options which can help you to nail down what works best and with who, and then use that to influence how you move forward.


You must always be open to changing the way in which you go about trying to make people laugh. If you stick with a single minded way of doing things then you may see some success come your way but you will ultimately limit yourself. A far better course of action is to take on multiple subjects and situations and practice making each of them funny. The best comedy writers out there are those who are able to adapt to different situations.

Hard Work

It is true that some people are just naturally funny, but that doesn’t mean that they still don’t have to put work in, we all do. Whether you have a natural talent or not, you are always going to need to put the hours in if you want to become a success. Failure to work hard will result in a very short career in the comedy writing game.

Work hard, get opinions and be happy to change things up.

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