The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

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In the wedding ceremony, the new couple will wear a dress generally. So as a bridesmaid accompanying the bride, it is best to wear a formal dress in order to better coordinate with the new couple. When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, the choice is tough. There are so many styles, colors and materials.– Apart from tough, choosing the dresses can be really draining. That is why you should consider online services like dress hire Adelaide or any dress hire service in your area. That will make you save time and money.

The 6 Most Popular Bridesmaids Dress Colors

The bride’s wedding dress is usually white and the color of the bridesmaid dress has many choices. I suggest that you can choose the bridesmaid dress that matches the main color of the wedding. The following bridesmaid dresses will make your wedding icing on the cake.

Nude Pink

The wedding is a testimony of love and a gathering place for encountering peach blossoms. As the second protagonist of the wedding, it is best to choose a pink bridesmaid dress. Want to find cost-effective bridesmaid dresses for yourself? Nude pink whole bridesmaid dresses is a good choice. Nude pink is lively, cute and sexy, giving a gentle and elegant feel. Wearing nude colors can brighten skin tone and the light texture makes you look more feminine.

Light Yellow

If you choose to hold a wedding in spring and early summer, light yellow dresses will be the best choice for bridesmaids. Girls with fair skin can try it and it will make you look whiter. However, we must remind everyone that yellow is a color that picks on the skin color, and it is difficult for most people to control. Therefore, you should be cautious in choosing.

Light Purple

Purple represents noble elegance, it is a mysterious color. If conditions permit, bridesmaids can choose light purple dresses. To save cost, you can consider wholesale brides maid dresses in light purple, be an elegant and mysterious bridesmaid and experience the unique charm of purple.

Baby Blue

Baby blue dresses are also the color most often chosen by bridesmaids. It represents calmness and can highlight the unique temperament of women. Baby blue is also a very versatile color. The wholesale baby blue bridesmaid dress can reduce your budget and it will look more elegant and beautiful with silk design.

Light Gray

Light gray is a restrained and low-key color, but it is definitely not a representative of pessimism and disappointment. Light grey bridesmaid dresses generally give a sense of stability and generosity, although the colors are slightly conservative. But as long as you put some thought into the design of the dress, it will instantly enhance the fashion of the dress. If the bridesmaids choose a light gray dress, it will be a very correct choice.


If the bride wants the color of the bridesmaid dress to jump a little, you can choose lively colorful dresses. Whether it is a touch of color or a bright color like rainbow candy, it looks particularly lively and beautiful. Don’t worry about the bride not being highlighted. Generally, the bride is standing in the middle when taking pictures and wearing white, it is still very distinguishable.

How to Choose the Bridesmaid Dress Style?

Whatever figure you get, you can still become a beautiful bridesmaid. Since figure will not be solved for a while then what can you do? How to choose a bridesmaid dress has become a problem. Don’t worry, in fact, as long as you wear the right dress, you can get a beautiful look. It is feasible to choose bridesmaid dress according to the figure.

Overweight girls:

A bridesmaid dress that looks a little fluffy but has simple lines must be great. Large and simple accessories and neat hairstyles are more suitable for you.

Thin girls:

Thin girls can choose A-line style, which can make the figure curvier. The slightly thicker fabric and gorgeous pattern decoration can make you more “weight”. Choose round or large necklaces and headgear on the ornaments. Do not choose slender, crystal accessories.

Girls with busty chests:

For a busty bridesmaid, the lines from the neck to the abdomen of the dress should be simple and neat, and the design with too low breasts may not be the best choice.

Girls with flat chests:

For girls with a flat chest, high-necked dress is not suitable. You can choose a pleated dress, which can show you a feminine femininity. While in a wedding, your light won’t be drown in the crowd.

Girls with protruding bellies

For girls with a protruding belly, the waist line of the dress should not be too tight. You can use multiple layers to cover it, but don’t be too heavy. Try to make your whole image look relaxed, fresh and clean.

Girls with long necks:

Some girls have relatively long necks, and their high collars are their patent. Be sure to avoid V-shaped, U-shaped or low-shoulder strap dresses and do not choose a thin necklace.

Girls with short necks:

For girls with shorter necks, V-neck, U-neck, and single-necked collars are the best choice.

Girls with thick arms

Girls with thick arms should avoid choosing too heavy fabrics and sleeveless dresses. Use beautiful jewelry or scarves and shawls as much as possible to divert attention. The awning sleeves and body sleeves have the effect of covering up. Long hair or romantic curls are also good grooming methods.

No matter what kind of figure do you get, you always have your own unique beauty. According to your body characteristics, I hope that you can pick a dress that suits you and be the most beautiful bridesmaid. Have you got these little tips?

The bridesmaid dress will have a great impact on the wedding and beautiful brides have become scenery in the wedding. So just choose the right style and color to make the overall effect awesome. Finally, I hope that every bridesmaid can choose a perfect bridesmaid suit and let that day be your exclusive memory.You can find more chinese bridesmaids dresses on E4 wholesale.

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