Transform your outdoor area into a summer resort with these five easy tips.

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As the ear draws to a close Australia becomes a red hot tourist destination, literally. Every year, when the mercury is at its highest, countless holidaymakers enjoy a summer of swimming, lounging, and fun. Australia has some of the sunniest, hottest summers on the planet, so its no surprise that people travel from all around the globe to get a slice of Australian summer.

Are you dreaming of your next summer holiday? As an Australian, there is no need to travel when you can enjoy a resort-like experience every day in your own backyard. Australia is blessed with beautiful blue skies and sunshine-filled days. With a little creativity and the right furniture anyone can transform their suburban backyard into a blissful summer retreat. 

Summer resorts are designed for relaxation, bear this in mind when creating your own outdoor space. 

Sea of green.

Transforming your outdoor area into a five-star resort could be as easy as adding a durable outdoor setting like this Evora 5 piece outdoor lounge setting Domayne, but for extra flair add some plants. Plants not only look beautiful but hold many other benefits for the homeowner, including being repellent to pests and adding privacy. 

Plants add a sense of calm and relaxation to any space, perfect for bringing chilled resort vibes to your backyard. From a design perspective, plants break up the hard lines of furniture and draw the eye out into the surrounding green space. 

The right furniture.

Furniture can make or break a space, so don’t be afraid to take your time finding the perfect pieces. For outdoor use you will need something weather-resistant and durable. The Evora 5 piece outdoor lounge wouldn’t look out of place at an upscale resort and features resin wicker weaving to ensure it stays beautiful all year round for many years to come.

Hardwearing materials that also look beautiful include Teak, Coated aluminum and synthetic fibers such as design wicker. To ensure your furniture always looks resort-ready, employ a yearly maintenance schedule.

Throwing shade.

You go outside for the sunshine, but nothing ruins a relaxing summer holiday like third-degree burns. The Australian sun has a grotesquely high UV radiation content, meaning unprotected skin will be fried in minutes. A suntan might be sexy when your ar younger, but the associated health risks hardly seem worth it.

Keep sun safety in mind when designing an outdoor space, pay special attention the amount of shade. Ideally, most of your space will be shaded, with dappled sunlight the preferred level of light. Shade can be created from Umbrellas, shade cloth, or plants; the choice is yours. Soft white fabrics can help you achieve that luxury resort feel. Look for UV resistant materials such as the brilliant Sunbrella fabric.

Light it up!

Lighting can help you shape a mood like no other addition. Throw some accent lighting on your favorite tree to create a bold centerpiece for your outdoor area. Solar garden lights are a cost-effective way of making your outdoor space as inviting at night as it is during the day.

Eat outside.

Dining outside is the quintessential Australian summer experience. Enjoy long summer days as they blend into hot starry nights from the comfort of your Evora 5 piece outdoor lounge. Preparing your outdoor area for a dinner party is a good test of its functionality. Eating a delicious meal in the great outdoors from the safety and seclusion of your own home sounds better than a resort to me.

This summer, avoid traffic jams and overcrowded waterways. With a little effort and some inspiration you can turn your tired old backyard into a resort-like summer haven for you and your loved ones for decades to come.

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