What Do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day?

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If you have a girlfriend or a wife, you may already be thinking about what to get them for Valentine’s Day. But what do women really want for this holiday? And how can you decide the best gift for your partner?

The Best Gifts and Experiences for Women

These are some of the best gift and experience ideas for women on Valentine’s Day:

  •       Flowers. Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is a classic choice for a reason: most people love receiving and displaying flowers. Whether you go with the classic red roses or create a more unique assortment of flowers to give, sending flowers could be the perfect romantic move. You can surprise your loved one at work, deliver flowers at home, or visit in person with a gigantic bouquet. There are many options for delivery and arrangement, so you can find the perfect combination for your needs.
  •       A card (or thoughtful message). Whatever gift you happen to give, you should give it alongside a card or a thoughtful message. Don’t just hand some chocolates or flowers to your wife; give her a written message that expresses your thoughts and feelings. Tell her how much you appreciate her, how much you still love her, and how much you’re attracted to her. Talk about some of your favorite memories or the future plans you’re excited about. You can write almost anything, as long as you’re being thoughtful and sentimental – the effort is what counts.
  •       Food. Statistically, there’s only one thing that women want more than flowers on Valentine’s Day – and that’s food. Roughly 30 percent of women want chocolates or candy for Valentine’s Day, compared to 27 percent of women who want flowers (a close second-favorite in this survey). Sweets are probably the most common gift, but you can also provide food in other capacities, such as going out to eat or making a thorough home-cooked meal.
  •       Jewelry. Jewelry is another traditional Valentine’s Day gift, since most women love receiving these types of shiny accessories. Make sure you are acquainted with your loved one’s sense of style and fashion before you pick something out.
  •       Any homemade gift. One of the best ways to make an impression with your romantic partner is to give her a homemade gift. Instead of simply buying something off of store shelves or purchasing something generic, put your creative skills to work. The gift that results will be more personal, more unique, and potentially, much more appreciated.
  •       A spa day or massage. Who doesn’t love to be pampered on occasion? Another common Valentine’s Day gift is a certificate for a spa day or a professional massage. Of course, if you’re aon a tight budget, you could always give the massage yourself.
  •       Alcohol. If the special woman in your life enjoys alcohol, there are many possible excellent gifts in this category. You could purchase her a bottle of her favorite wine, a rare or luxurious spirit, or something adventurous she’s never tried before. Just keep her interests and tastes at the forefront of your decision.
  •       Sex. Stereotypically and according to the data, men (on average) have a higher sex drive than women. That said, women enjoy sex just as much as men – and it’s even more enticing after a romantic gesture. Don’t forget to make time and effort for some intimate activities.

The Two Golden Rules

When brainstorming and choosing Valentine’s Day gifts, you have to understand the two golden rules:

1. Every woman is different. First and foremost, every woman is different. Some women love flowers so much they’d consider breaking up with you if you didn’t get them flowers on Valentine’s Day. Other women detest the idea of Valentine’s Day traditions and hate the idea of keeping flowers alive, so flowers would make a horrible gift for them. While many of the recommendations in this article were meant to be almost universal, there’s no such thing as a universally loved gift. You have to understand the individual you’re buying for if you want to be successful.

2. Thought and effort matter most. The thought and effort you put into the gift matter more than the gift itself. Even if you spend a lot of money, a poorly thought out or recklessly/impulsively chosen gift will always pale in comparison to a thoughtful, personal one.

Almost anything can make for a good Valentine’s Day gift if it’s for the right person, and if you understand that, you’re probably already in a position to give the special woman in your life a perfect gift. If you’re low on ideas, if you’re creatively struggling, or if you’re just not sure what to get that special someone, don’t worry; you can always fall back on the classics like flowers, chocolates, and personal time together.

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