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GOProud reacts to claims it is "shutting down for good."
(Washington DC) Today, GOProud– a national organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government and respect for individual rights –made the following statement in response to a recent article that was published about GOProud “shutting down for good:”
“The truth is, GOProud has had some preliminary discussions about rebranding. That is, changing our name. As with any organization- when new challenges arise, we react with necessary adjustments.” Said Matthew Bechstein, Executive Director of GOProud.  
“There have been concerns among our members and investors, about whether or not we can continue to grow and be effective without severing ourselves from past controversies. Nonetheless, at this point nothing has been decided. We are still discussing all the possibilities, and would be months away from instituting any real changes.
“The fact is, in order to continue promoting the conservative principles upon which this organization was founded, change is needed. One of the changes under discussion is a switch to a different legal type of organization- basic paperwork that requires dissolution and immediate subsequent reorganization. Technically, as some argue, this would be a legal “closure.” But if it were to actually happen, it would only be momentary and certainly not the end of our organization. Rather, I would see it as progress- making the necessary adjustments that allow us to fulfill our goals.”
“Let me be clear, no matter what happens, our grassroots infrastructure, and our daily activism will continue throughout any possible transition. We do not plan to stop working.
“What has made this organization strong in the past is the support and devotion of our membership, I don’t expect that to waiver in the future. We are a family, and families stick together through periods of change.” Concluded Bechstein.