Games to Dates: Great and Safe Social Ideas

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Socializing is quite a tricky subject at the moment. Apart from when and where, you also have to think about several other variables that could affect the quality of your outing. Fortunately, the real and digital world have a range of solutions that are rapidly growing in number and handiness. Take a look at some suggestions for meeting up with friends or a special someone.

Such inspiration is invaluable, giving you a bunch of fun and unique options to quickly choose from next time you feel like hanging out. In fact, a social day can turn out more exciting than it ever was before.


If you have a yard or go to the park, there are many fun things you can do while also social distancing. Group games available on the market range from dominos and giant Jenga to inflatable bumper bubble balls. Of course, your budget determines which of these ideas would serve you best, but the fact remains that with a little research you can find the perfect social activities.

For the days when leaving the house is not that appealing, the digital world has games of its own to offer. A bunch of popular games – Pictionary, Charades, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly – can easily be played through Zoom or casual gaming websites like Pogo. And then there are actual video games for people to play together. Try Minecraft or Pokémon GO.



This special kind of socializing needs extra caution. But, at the same time, interactions between love interests are becoming more honest and meaningful. This is something emphasized among several handy dating tips written for Badoo’s millions of active users related to current obstacles, as well as managing a long-distance relationship. Communication both remotely and in person is considered doubly important too when developing a healthy relationship.

Any of the activities in this article would be great entertainment for your online date. Depending on what your or your date’s interests are, there are ways to engage through them. Foodies, for example, could cook remotely together through video conferencing programs. Bookworms can share their favorite ebooks through Kindle. Many such ideas can even be done face-to-face. All it takes is care and imagination.


There is only so much that games can do to entertain, so explore other fun group activities. Keep an eye out for new music or movie events being set up in your area. As organizers strive to deliver unique experiences, you should discover something special for your group – perhaps a drive-in music or theatre performance? On the other hand, a hearty meal or Star Wars marathon at home can be just as satisfying.

Digital socializing options are just as varied. Netflix Party has become a go-to option, where people can link up to the same program and watch it simultaneously. You can do the same with music through Spotify, Apple and other streaming services. Even meditation classes are on offer online for quality relaxation with friends, which could be included in a whole spa day of social self-pampering.

Technology now plays a more vital role than ever before as it helps us spend quality time with the people we care about. But your options do not stop there when industries get more and more inventive with group games and activities. As challenging as everyday life is right now, you can still have a lot of fun with friends, family and dates.

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