How to Decide Which Team You Should Support

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If you love sport then picking a team to get behind can add a huge amount of added value and entertainment to watching the sport on the whole. One of the best feelings in the world is watching your team head out into battle, and coming away victorious, be it from a single game or even a tournament. Whichever sport you love, be it soccer, basketball, hockey or baseball, selecting the right team for you should be done as early as possible, so that you can start to really get behind your team of choice. Picking a team isn’t always easy, so here are some tips on how to get the right one.


The large majority of people will select their local team, but we do live in a  world where people move all over the place with regularity. In such a situation you could look at where you were born, and perhaps pick a team nearby, alternatively you could look at where you are now, and jump on to the local team there. As someone who is a fan of teams from my birthplace, I can tell you that picking a team from where you are actually from, certainly adds more value and makes it feel like they are not only your team, but they are repping your area. There are no rules to picking a team, but location is a good place to start.

Friends and Family

Looking at the teams that your friends and family support can help you to make your choice as to which team you will go for. This is not to say that you should support their teams however, whilst you certainly could, you may feel like supporting the enemies of their teams, in order to up the ante when they play each other. If you do decide to support the same team as your friends or family, you can count on making the experience of watching the team alongside them even better.

Favorite Player

Those who don’t support teams may tell you that they prefer individual players, but there is nothing to stop you from supporting a team which has said player in it. For example I know a lot of Cavs fans who are not from Cleveland, but simply love Lebron James so much that they began supporting the Cavs. If you do this however, it is important that you don’t switch teams if the player moves. By all means let your favorite player dictate who you support, and once you have decided, make sure that you put all of you behind your chosen team.

A few watch outs here which are important to avoid, don’t be a glory fan, the type of fan who simply goes with the winners all of the time, if you do this you will never experience what it is like to be a real fan, a wonderful, albeit challenging experiences. Never change your team, under any conditions, choose well and then stay with them.

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