Are Man City Making a Mistake To Accommodate Haaland?

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When it was announced at the end of last season that Erling Braut Haaland would be making his way to Manchester City in the summer, sportsbooks like these, reacted by placing City has firm favorites to lift the title again next season. Whilst there is absolutely no doubt that Haaland is an incredible signing, City may be making a mistake as they look to accommodate the Danish wonder-kid. During the summer City have been making moves to sell players, in order to free up space for Haaland, as well as to reduce the wage bill a little for FFP reasons. 

The question is, have City made a mistake in clearing out for a single superstar? Let’s take a look. 

Selling The Players

The two main players who City have sold or are selling from their front line, are Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling. Jesus went to Arsenal for a reported £45 million, and Raheem Sterling is close to signing for a number of potential clubs. If placing bets on this at a casino USA sportsbooks have Sterling at 1/3 to leave, which means he’s highly unlikely to stay. Whilst Haaland will be an amazing signing, the question remains, what happens if he gets injured? Sterling’s contribution to this City team has been insane, impacting 200 goals in his 300 games through scoring or assisting. Jesus may not have been happy as a substitute, but he is flexible enough to play in other positions. 

City have some youth who can help, but losing two high-caliber players for one, in an area where they were already lacking depth, may not be the smartest move. 

Benefitting Others

Something which big teams should always avoid doing is selling good players to their rivals in the same league, which is exactly what City are doing. Now Arsenal are unlikely to mount a title charge this season, but they could still battle City in the domestic cups. The bigger concern is the talk that Sterling will be signing for Chelsea, who certainly do have the talent to launch a title bid against City. It makes very little sense to see such a good player to a close rival, even with such a star like Haaland coming in. 

World Cup 

Teams like City are no doubt going to have a huge issue when it comes to the World Cup, given the sheer volume of international players which will be leaving to go and play in the tournament. This in fact looks like it will seriously impact many teams in the league. The smart option here is to ensure that your squad is as deep as it possibly can be, which is why City would do well to hold on to as many players as they can. 

Now of course we don’t know what has been said between players and the club, regarding minutes or chances. What we do know is that City are losing two very high quality players to two rivals in the same league, in order to accommodate Haaland, it may work out fine, but there are some concerns. 

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