No Scalpel Vasectomy vs Traditional, The Difference to You

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When it comes to a vasectomy the current way of working is without a scalpel, whereas in the past this would be the number one way of working. When it comes to the no scalpel vasectomy vs traditional, the key difference is that the modern way of doing things is with a needle rather than a scalpel. The vas deferens is the part of the anatomy which is cut for this procedure, and in the modern day we can simply hold that with a clamp and then make a small hole with a needle, meaning that the traditional approach just isn’t required. 

It is very rare that you will go anywhere which offers the scalpel technique, and the benefit fo the modern technique is very much for the patient. Here is why this was changed and what the benefits are of the modern, no scalpel version. 

Infection Rate 

One of the key reasons why the traditional scalpel technique is no longer used is that the infection rate amongst those who have the no scalpel version is incredibly low in comparison. This of course stands to reason that if you are going to make an incision in someone’s body, that they have a higher rate of potential infection. 

Recovery Rate 

Previously the recovery time for a traditional vasectomy was just over a week, in some cases this was as high as 2 weeks. The modern variety of this procedure however requires a recovery time of just a few days which of course is much more beneficial to the patient. Because there is no cut that has to be made, the body recovered very quickly indeed and patients can get on with their life much sooner than they could before. 


Believe it or not, the procedure in the modern day takes around 30 minutes or less, which is an incredibly short time when we consider just what that procedure is capable of doing. Conversely the scalpel procedure would certainly have taken much longer, as long as an hour. The reason of course was the level of accuracy and cleanliness which had to be taken into consideration given the fact that an incision was made. 


There is absolutely no difference between these two procedures when it comes to how successful they are at making a man sterile. The key benefits are down to the procedure itself and the recovery time, as well of course as the reduced risk of infection. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the scale vasectomy is any more or any less efficient at what it is supposed to do. 

The only other difference between these two approaches towards the vasectomy is the level of pain which the patient feels. Currently with the no scalpel option, this is an uncomfortable operation and not a painful one. Previously additional anesthetic would have been given to keep the patient comfortable throughout the procedure, which of course is no longer required.

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