Will a Virtual Learning Platform Take Over The Classroom

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Over the last 12 months virtual learning software has made sure that so many students and professionals were able to continue with their education. The lockdown and the closure of educational facilities initially threatened to cause untold damage to the lives of many, but virtual software saved the day. It has been widely thought that this kind of software would one day be the prominent method of learning in so many organizations, and now we are aware of just what it is able to deliver. And so as more and more schools and learning institutes are now once again opening back up, will this learning software now take over? Let’s take a look. 

The Classroom Environment 

One of the key reasons why this software will not completely take over in schools is that education is as much about learning life and social skills as it is about academic learning. This is something which online software simply cannot replace and schools understand this perfectly. One of the biggest concerns for our kids over the last 12 months has been the fact that they have lost out on so much socially. This software will certainly play a key role in supporting the education of our children, but it will never replace it entirely. 

Pressure on Parents 

There is no doubt that remote working software is here to stay and we are going to see a huge number of offices and workplaces left empty on many days of the week. This can certainly work in the world of business but not with regards to our children. The reason for this is that if kids are asked to stay at home and learn through virtual software, there has to be someone at home to look after them, and this is rarely going to be the case. Even if we have parents at home working, the last 12 months has proven just how hard it is for them to still care for their kids. 

Teacher Management 

Something which many of our teachers have struggled with in the last year is managing the students online in the same way that they would do in the classroom. It simply isn’t possible to be able to watch everyone and make sure that there is high discipline in this kind of setting. Again this will result in schools and universities rejecting this kind of software as a replacement. It is critical that teachers are actively watching students in person to see who is misbehaving, who is struggling with topics and who needs help. 

There is no doubt that virtual learning software works brilliantly in the workplace and there is no doubt that the future of training and employee education is here to stay. When it comes to an educational setting however, this software simply will not be able to takeover from more traditional methods. We can be sure however that it will find its way into schools as an important and supportive educational resource.

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