6 Great Websites for Playing Free High-Quality Flash Games

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Having access to the internet comes with many great benefits: keeping in touch with friends and family, constant access to an extensive library of information, shopping online plus much more, including online gaming. For those who love to pass the time by playing great quality games, the internet is your oyster. There are games out there for everyone, including brain-training puzzles, simulation games, intense role-playing games and even online casino games, such as those featured at popular UK online casino, Gold Rush Slots, for example. Online gaming is an incredibly popular pastime across the globe, and it’s no surprise given that our modern lives can be stressful and demanding, and online games are the perfect outlet for relaxation and escapism.

However, many quality online games come at a cost, and it can be difficult to establish which free games sites are safe to use. Low quality free gaming sites can carry security risks and viruses, ready to threaten your hard drive or at least inject an additional element of hassle into your day that is unwelcomed. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply have fun by playing free, quality online games that we knew were offered by worthy sites? Well, we’re here to assist. Read on for our list of gaming websites to check out for hassle-free, no cost online games.

Big Fish Games

BigFishGames.com advertises itself as 100% safe and secure, as well as virus-free. It has an extensive range of games including strategy, adventure and puzzle genres. Check out adventure games Virtual Villagers, Treasure Seekers and Surface. For strategy, go for All My Gods or Maze Stopper, plus many more. Wordz and Flip Words 2 are great options for puzzle game lovers.

South Winds Games

For a virus, spyware and adware-free gaming, check out SouthWindsGames.com. OK, the games library is on the limited side, but that’s not to say the small selection of games isn’t worth your time. There are some great titles including Airport Mania, Simplz, Dylo’s Adventure and Inner Quest.


This is a great site; visually appealing and with plenty of entertainment. You can even download a film to watch once you’re done exploring the games. Players will discover rhythm games, skill games, sports and more at NewGrounds.com. Check out Cardinal Quest, New Star Soccer, Pogo Swing, Shred Master and plenty more free gaming delights.

Play First

If you’re a fan of ‘dash’ games, PlayFirst.com is the place to be. This site has plenty of them, even SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash, Hotel Dash and more. Also worth checking out are Jewel Quest Mysteries and arcade games such as Egg vs. Chicken.

Games 2 Download

Games2Download.com is one for the board game fanatics who are seeking a ‘top destination for safe and virus-free game downloads’. Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk 2 and more can be found here, as well as hugely popular games such as Airport Tycoon and Bejeweled.

Addicting Games

If you don’t mind getting hooked on a few strategy or action games, AddictingGames.com should be the perfect site for you. There is a great library of games to capture your interests, such as Dragons of Atlantis, The Amazing Spiderman, Polygon Apocalypse and much more.

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