VirtualShield – Why it is Important to Use a Great VPN

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Whenever you are online it is essential that you always have security in mind. Whilst software manufacturers and websites do all that they can to protect you, sometimes that is not enough which is why you also have a responsibility to ensure that you stay safe when you are browsing the web. This is also why it makes sense to use something called a VPN or virtual private network, which is offered by companies such as VirtualShield. If you haven’t heard of a VPN before then we are going to offer a brief explanation and then talk about why this is important.

What is a VPN ?

The simple explanation as to what a VPN is, without getting into the technical side of things, is that it is a small network of servers which you are able to access, thus circumventing your online browsing. Every internet location has what they call an IP address, which is your identifier for your home hub or network. When you use a VPN you are able to access another IP address which means that nobody will be able to see your actual IP address.

No Data

When you use a VPN for online browsing it means that nobody is able to track your data, and this is a very good thing indeed. Have you ever gone online and found that you have ads which relate to that recent holiday you were looking at? Or spent time looking at new carpets and then every ad you see is relating to carpets? The reason why this happens is that your data is being tracked and through the process called the Internet of Things, the search engine then believes it is doing you a favor by showing you these specifically selected ads. The truth is that if they can track data like this, what else is being tracked? This is why using a VPN is very useful.

Maximum Security

Just spend a moment and think about all the things that you do online, think about the personal information which you have on your social media pages, photos of friends and family, locations, photos of your property, clues as to what your passwords may be online, not to mention the likelihood that you use the web for online banking. Perhaps you have completed a quote for insurance online and input your salary, your social security number, the list goes on. This is of course the key reason why you should have security on your computer and adding a VPN means that you can have an extra layer of protection for all of this personal information which you share online.

A VPN is very easy to get, it is low priced and it will ensure that your online browsing is done in the most secure way possible. In reality there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a VPN and you won’t need any technical experience to be able to use it.

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