Dr David Crawford – Reasons to Study a Doctorate

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A doctorate was never really something that I had in my mind when I first embarked upon my college degree, but then again, vary few good things that happen in life are anticipated at such a young age. It was my professor at the time Dr. David Crawford who first floated the idea of studying for a doctorate, and at first I must confess I really wasn’t sure why I should. At that point I had solid career opportunities and such was my performance throughout college and during my masters that I really couldn’t see the benefit of taking things further. Thankfully I listened to Dr. Crawford and dedicated the next years of my life to reaching this high level, and here is why I suggest you do too.

Depth of Learning

As we move up through the various levels of education we take our knowledge deeper and continues to purge the layers of learning of our chosen subject, and a doctorate is no different.The key difference with a doctorate is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to really drill down into a specific subject and investigate it with full focus. No matter whether this is science, religion or literature, you will be able to spend your time with a magnifying glass hovering over your chosen subject.


What I found most interesting about the course was just how testing I found it, and I don’t mean that to come across as arrogant. Ahead of starting the course I knew that there would be plenty of hard work required, but I fooled myself into thinking that the only challenging aspect would be the number of hours invested, how wrong I was. Every step of the way I found myself coming up against boundaries and obstacles and I had to really switch up my thought processes in order to truly grasp what I was doing. As with every other level of education, things get much harder when you begin a doctorate and that helps you to become a better critical thinker and ultimately a better student.

Highest Level

There is a real sense of pride which you will feel upon completing your doctorate which is very difficult to describe. There is a certain sense of relief of course, that the whole affair is over, then there is a tinge of sadness that it is over, but overwhelmingly you will feel proud that you have reached the highest level of learning, that is something which nobody can take away from you.


Whilst my career opportunities were very good prior to completing the doctorate, it is more than fair to say that since I have completed it those opportunities have soared and I have been able to give myself a much better chance than many because of the fact that I have completed the course.

I was on the fence about this decision and if you are too, these are just some of the key reasons why I would recommend taking your education to the next level.

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