6 Warning Signs of Hiring the Wrong Realtor

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Whether you are trying to sell your home or buy a new one, you will need to take the services of a realtor. Chances are you will hire the first available real estate agent in your area and expect them to get you a great deal. If you think one realtor is as good as the other, you cannot be more wrong. Some people have had really sad experiences by hiring the wrong realtor.

Not hiring the right realtor may make buying and selling a home most cumbersome and stressful. If you are selling, you can lose out on good money, and if you are buying, you may get saddled with a problematic home. So, research and check the realtors and read their reviews. For example, you can get an accurate picture of the capabilities and competence of real estate agents of UpNest, a real estate company, by browsing through their reviews section.   

So, it is crucial to find out the telltale signs of a wrong realtor. If you realtor shows any of these signs, you are saddled with a wrong one: 

#1 Incompetent

Realtors may promise you the moon, but they may not be up to the task. Such realtors do not have a particularly good understanding of the local housing market and may even lack the knowledge of real estate paperwork and its legal aspects. Such realtors are certainly not capable of handling the task of buying or selling homes. It is essential to check their resume. Also, check whether they hold a real estate license and it is still valid and not expired.  

#2 Lack of experience 

It is difficult to find out if realtors have the requisite expertise in the real estate field unless they are asked about it. Without experience, realtors are bound to face bumps along the way and may not be able to give you a good deal on the home. Realtors lacking in experience is one of the top reasons why real estate deals fall through. So, make it a point to ask realtors for their resume or which all homes they have helped buy or sell in the past 12 months.

#3 Lacks negotiating skills

Negotiation is a different ball game altogether, even for established realtors. And negotiating skills are critical for sealing a good real estate deal. Realtors not only negotiate the best deal possible but also help negotiate who pays for what after a home inspection has found anomalies in the home.

#4 Lacks marketing skills

Gone are the days when merely placing a sign in the yard and listing your home on the MLS will get you a good deal. Good realtors offer a strong marketing plan that includes multiple platforms on the internet for reaching maximum buyers and sellers. An excellent way to find out the marketing skills of realtors is their presence on the internet. If the realtors’ have a well-constructed website and good social media profiles and pages, they are most likely to have excellent marketing skills. Realtors not having a strong presence on the internet will not be able to give your home maximum exposure.

#5 Lacks professionalism

Realtors not handling the task of buying or selling a home in a professional way lack professionalism. They not only not value your time but also show up late for appointments or not show up at all. They are not attired suitably and show up in sweatpants, T-shirts, flip flops and baseball caps. They may make inappropriate comments or not carry a business card or professional marketing material. They may even fail to return urgent phone calls or emails. Such realtors lack professionalism and should never be hired. 

#6 Does not ask the right questions

Asking you the right questions before listing your house is essential for realtors since it enables them to sell a home quickly and for the right price. This also helps them to preempting specific questions from the buyers. Some questions, among others that realtors must ask you include: What improvements have you made to the house? How quickly are you hoping to sell the house? How do you prefer to communicate? 

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