A Guide to Revamping Your Professional Skills

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Are you curious what makes a jobseeker really stand out during an interview? Or perhaps why certain professionals consistently get raises and promotions? To be endlessly successful in your professional life involves mastering a core set of skills. If you want to get the job of your dreams or even excel in the career path you are already on, check out the skills below and how you can work to master them on a daily basis. 

Be An Excellent Communicator

Your set of communication skills are likely the very first thing employers will notice about you. From the initial point of contact and every day afterwards, you will be judged on how well you are able to communicate. Whether it’s over the phone, email or especially in person – how you present yourself and respond will make a lasting impression. 

Key tips for success include: 

  • Respond as promptly as possible. There’s nothing worse than leaving someone a voicemail or emailing them and it taking numerous business days to get a response. Nights and weekends are understandable, but not responding in an appropriate time frame can come off as unprofessional. Even if you need time to complete what is requested of you, it’s best-practice to confirm receipt and then follow-up at a later date. 
  • Take your time. Especially over email, it’s important that you really take a few moments to provide a thoughtful, well-versed response. Your email could potentially be forwarded to an entire C suite, so be careful what you put in writing. (Pro tip: The same goes for emailing coworkers – organizations can always pull your emails at a moments notice) Be sure to proofread several times before you send, as spell check is not always reliable. 

Be Flexible 

Employers are constantly on the lookout for potential employees that have extreme adaptability.  A strong ability to be able to balance multiple projects at once and work successfully in a changing environment does not go unnoticed. An employee that is willing to work under a multitude of changing circumstances is a highly marketable skill. It’s incredibly valuable to stay calm during high-stress instances and be able to adapt to changing situations fast. 

Pro tip: work on your reaction when someone presents a new or challenging opportunity to you. It’s easy to write off these types of opportunities before we even explore them. Especially if you are type A and love a plan– practice having an open mind to last-minute changes and it will greatly enhance your flexibility. 

Boost Your Negotiation Skills

A great way to improve your future professional success is by mastering negotiation skills. A simple and even fun way to quickly improve your negotiation skills is by playing a few hands of online poker. Individuals that have learned the game are extremely good at decision making and negotiation. 

To be a successful poker player you have to be able to understand the hand you’ve been dealt, have complete control over your emotions, be able to read body language like a pro and know when it’s time to quit. These simple qualities could mean all the difference during a stern negotiation. Whether you’re trying to negotiate a raise or even leverage a new job offer, these skills could be crucial to achieving the desired outcome. 

Lasting Success

The professional realm is constantly changing and seems increasingly competitive, but, there are always ways to stay ahead of the curve. Take time out of each day to check your communication skills, your ability to be flexible and your negotiation skills. Perhaps one area needs a little more attention than the others. By taking the time to actively work on mastering these skills you will see a great difference in your professional life.

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