A Quick Guide to Choosing Your First Home Stairlift

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If there’s one aspect of life that never changes is that we all slowly age and weaken with time.

It’s not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of, its completely normal and will happen to all of us. That’s why we must find a way to guarantee our safety in those golden years.

One of the most significant issues of growing old is dealing with staircases, a trip down the stairs in our homes was something we could achieve easily and repeatedly without ever worrying, but when our muscles and bones start to weaken going up and down a large flight of stairs can be very troublesome.

However, there is currently a myriad of possibilities that don’t involve restructuring your home or moving to a different place because of a set of stairs.

Today we’re going to discuss how to choose a residential stairlift that will make you forget stairs were ever a problem.

What is a Residential Stairlift and Why Would I Need One?

The standard lift chair or stairlift is a piece of medical equipment that comes in the form of a mechanized chair that installs to your staircase and allows you to sit down while the lift makes all the effort.

If you have issues with stairs in your home, acquiring a stairlift will erase that problem by giving you a small seat that will take you up and down in a comfortable manner.

They come in different models and can adapt to both your body needs and your structure needs. Whether you have a set of curved staircases or you can’t sit down easily anymore, there’s a stairlift option available for you.

The primary concern of people with mobility issues is the emotional distress of believing they should strive to “conquer” each set of stairs to remain active and healthy, and not take the easy option of buying a stairlift.

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that most accidents of individuals with mobility problems are associated with staircases and the lack of proper equipment to climb them.

Don’t expose yourself to these statistics and buy a stairlift before anything terrible happens.

How to Choose the Best Stairlift

The crucial aspect you must study and understand before purchasing a stairlift for your home is the physical characteristics of your stair.

Take a look at your staircase and check if it’s completely straight or if it has landings and curves along the way, also measure its width to see if it’s too narrow.

With this information at hand, you can decide on a stairlift type, and the cost of the equipment and the installation can vary.

Keep in mind that a brand new straight stairlift costs around £2000 and a curved one can cost from £4000 to £5000.

If your budget can’t handle this price, why not find a used stairlift instead?

Used vs. New Stairlifts

Unlike most house appliances were buying used equipment can be more of a trouble than a solution, purchasing a used stairlift can help you reduce the budget while obtaining a significant home improvement.

The key point here is not looking for used stairlifts from private sellers but searching for reconditioned stairlifts from certified resellers and manufacturers.

That way you’ll be guaranteed to acquire great equipment that will be installed by professionals and will come with a warranty.

Invest in Your Safety

Buying a stairlift is not a luxury, or like buying another furniture, it’s an investment to your house that will guarantee you won’t have any more issues with staircases, preventing you from having any injuries, and aiding you mobilization through your home.

Although the initial investment may seem like a massive blow to your finances, remember you can find a used stairlift from trusted professionals that will fill the same needs and guarantee your safety.

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