American College of Acupunture & Oriental Medicine – How it Can help You To Fulfill a Career

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American College of Acupunture & Oriental Medicine

American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is based in Houston, Texas and it is the educational facility which is responsible for helping me to fulfill a life which I had always dreamed about. I first studied as a lawyer and even passed the bar exam, after a couple of years however it was clear to me that I didn’t enjoy this career path, in fact I think I only did it to make my parents happy. I had always had a passion for holistic therapies and techniques and so I decided that this would be the route that I wanted to go down. I enrolled with the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine the following year and I have never looked back.

The College

I had heard about this college after it was featured in a magazine which I regularly buy and it was clear that this was a university which was very well regarded. I knew that I wanted to look into acupuncture and Oriental medicine and this seemed to be the perfect fit. I took on a Doctorate at the university which meant that I was there for 4 years. During those 4 years I was blessed with some outstanding professors and teachers, incredible facilities which I could use to practice what I was learning about, not to mention some amazing fellow students.


Beyond the short courses which the university puts on they have 4 post-grad courses which you can choose from.

Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership

Master of Integrative Wellness Management

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

The course which I chose was the final one, which had a heavy focus on Oriental medicine on the whole, as well as the chance to become  licensed acupuncturist. The two Masters courses are 1 year each and the Doctorate courses take 4 years.


The course that I chose didn’t just teach me about ancient practices and traditional techniques, it also taught me to how to put it all into practice, what skills I would need to have my own business within this field and how I could go about showing others. I loved this all encompassing approach to learning and it was something which has greatly helped me going forward.


For me the benefits of completing this degree have been more than simply learning something new. Thanks to the course I now own my own healthcare practice and store which specializes in Chinese and Oriental medicines. I am far happier in what I do and my health has improved immeasurably since I have taken the degree. Many of my friends and family have also benefitted from my knowledge and it feels very empowering to know that I can help them when they have some health care issues.

If you have an interest in Oriental medicine, this is the place to study.

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