David Serna Lawyer – Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

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 Criminal Defense Attorney

We often get questions sent in about legal matters and so to answer one of the most burning questions which we receive we have enlisted the support of the brilliant David Serna lawyer and criminal defense specialist who is widely regarded as the best in the business in the state of New Mexico. Many ask us whether or not they need a criminal defense attorney and the answer is very much yes, regardless fo what crime you have been charged with. To help us understand more about why you need a criminal defense attorney, David has shared some vital information with us which we want to pass on to you.

Ensuring The Process is Correct

One of the most important roles for your criminal defense attorney is that they make sure that all aspects of the charges brought against you have been done in accordance with the law. We have seen so many occasions where cases have been thrown out because of mistakes which the arresting officer or the police have made and this is one crucial piece of work which your criminal defense lawyer will do for you.

Plea Deals and Negotiations

Even when someone is found guilty there are always deals which can be struck which can minimize or completely remove the need for any jail time or fines. The courts want as easy a ride as they can get because they are so busy and if they can offer something in return for a guilty plea then they will usually take it. Criminal defense lawyers will put these deals together, without them it is nearly impossible for a deal such as this to be negotiated either by you or by someone working on your behalf.

Support and Advice

Criminal defense attorneys are of course not therapists but they can provide you with some vital support and advice throughout this process. If this is the first time that you have been arrested or charged with something then this can be a very scary time indeed and it helps to have someone on your side who has been though all of this before. Your attorney will be on hand to answer any questions which you may have, as well as being able to offer advice on what to say and how to act.

Case Building

Because of the network of support which they have a criminal defense lawyer will be able to build your case with great speed, gathering evidence and witness statements with incredible ease. The sooner that you get this type of information the quicker you will be able to build a solid case for your defense, and this is why getting a professional in will be the best way of doing things.

If you do find yourself having criminal charges brought against you then the best thing that you can do is to call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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