Dealing with a PRINCE2 Project That Doesn’t Satisfy Your Stakeholders

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 PRINCE2 Project

Not every project leaves the stakeholders feeling completely satisfied. In most case, they will be happy with what they see. However, at other times they may feel disappointed in what you deliver to them.

As with most project issues, discovering that there is a problem as soon as possible is the key to sorting it out well. Once you see that the stakeholders are dissatisfied with how things are going then it is time to work out how you can keep them happy.

Find Out What They Really Want

If what you are doing isn’t something that the stakeholders want what it is they do want? Have you misunderstood what is being asked for or did they express themselves badly when defining the project in the first place?

Not everyone is capable of explaining what they want from a new project. This is why it is so important that you can ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the matter.

It is quite possible that your stakeholders are looking for something that simply can’t be delivered. Yet, the starting point has to be with a good understanding of what they really want you to give to them with this piece of work.

Make Changes to the Plan

Once you know what is needed then it is the moment to change the plan. A good plan is a big part of any PRINCE2 project, so you need to spend enough time on it so that it clearly shows what you are going to deliver and how.

Of course, your stakeholders should all sign off this plan before the work starts. This will give you confidence that they fully understand what you are going to do and are happy with your approach.

Not everyone is skilled in reading project plans, though. You may need to read through it in layman’s terms during a project meeting in order to make every part of it as clear for them as it has to be.

Work Out What New Training Is Needed

When you make a change to your project’s goals this can have an effect on everything that you do. You can’t expect to just carry on like before if you have made substantial changes to the way that the project is going to be run.

Could it be that you need to arrange a certain type of training for your team members? If the new approach involves different tools and techniques then they may have a lot of new things to learn before they can use them effectively.

This can also be a time to re-consider whether anyone in the team needs to take their PRINCE2 training London. By taking this training, they will be able to run projects using tried and tested methods that are the same on every piece of work.

Listen to What They Tell You

One of the big mistakes made on a lot of projects is that of not listening to what the stakeholders are saying. It is easy to think that you fully understand their need when you really don’t.

Being able to listen effectively makes any project so much easier. What do they want from you and what is it that they are currently unhappy about? The answers are there if you are able to find them.

Even a project that is running badly can be put back on the road to success if you try hard enough. Start off by realising that people aren’t satisfied and then work out how to deliver what they actually want.

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