The Dangers of Losing Your Driving License

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How would you rate the way that you drive a vehicle? Do you speed? Drive dangerously? Drive under the influence? Use your mobile when driving? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you are running the risk of one day getting caught for one of these driving infringements and potentially losing your license. Many who do drive a vehicle in any way that goes against what the law says often think that they won’t get caught or that ‘it won’t happen to me,’ unfortunately however people do get caught and before they know it they have lost their license. The team at Prime Lawyers see this all too often and they specialize in helping people to retain their license after they have been caught breaking the law. In cases where driving licenses are revoked however, there can be some worrying consequences for the driver involved.


One of the most damaging consequences of losing your license is the financial impact of having to get from A to B via public transport or taxis. Whilst there may be monthly pass options which you can take advantage of, public transport is not cheap and it will cost you far more than the gas which you would have put in your vehicle. Sometimes a location may not be reachable via public transportation which will mean seeking out expensive private hires to get you to your destination or a  very long walk.


There are a great many jobs which rely on you having a clean driving license such as delivery positions, logistics and even jobs which require you to go to meetings across a number of locations. Your lack of a driving license will greatly change this and in some cases people can actually lose their jobs. Even if you are able to keep your job you may find that you are moved to a different position which doesn’t require driving, one which you may not like.


Believe it or not the lack of a driving license will have a direct impact on your ability to socialize and see friends. Not being able to drive means that others will have to accommodate you more in terms of offering lifts, or waiting for you to arrive after a lengthy bus or train journey. This is not to say that you will lose friends as a result but it will certainly have a negative impact on your social situation.

Family and Relationships

Taking the kids to school, picking your spouse up from work, taking the family on a road trip, heading out to the grocery store, all of this becomes either impossible or highly challenging once you have lost your license, something which you should consider if you don’t drive in accordance with the law. These are things which we don’t consider when flouting traffic regulations yet they can often be the most damaging consequence of losing your license.

Not being able to drive can have serious ramifications for you and those around you so don’t run any risks on the road, drive in a responsible and law abiding manner and you won’t be at risk of losing your license.

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