How To Replace Your Dashboard Lights

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A burned-out dashboard light can be a dangerous maintenance issue. Dashboard lights are often the first warning sign of a serious maintenance or vehicle repair problem, so follow these instructions and pick up a new dashboard bulb to restore your vehicle’s safety warning system. Enjoy convenient maintenance and save money by taking on your own auto repair project.

Can You Replace Dashboard Lights Yourself?

Have you ever replaced your headlights or brake lights? Replacing a dashboard light may require a little more setup, but the overall process is the same. Even if you haven’t replaced any light bulbs on your vehicle, the process is surprisingly simple and can be a great investment.

First, you’ll need to remove your radio and the bottom trim panel of your dashboard. A specialized set of radio removal tools is best to prevent scratching or damaging your vehicle’s interior. These tools are available at your local auto parts store and may be available as part of a free tool loan program.

Be sure to disconnect the electrical connectors after removing the instrument cluster. This is usually attached with screws on the corners. A quarter-turn twist loosens the bulb socket and allows you to remove it from the back of the instrument panel. Use gloves to handle the new light bulb and insert it into the instrument panel. Remember to attach the electrical connectors before replacing the instrument cluster, bottom trim panel and radio.

Test your dash lights to see if this solves the issue. If not, there may be a loose wire or damaged connector in your instrument panel. For more information and signs of more serious issues, speak to your local auto parts specialist.

Whether you need a new bulb, brake pads or a windshield wiper replacement, shop online or at your local auto parts store to find the exact replacement parts you need. Compare prices and sort parts based on your make and model of vehicle to enjoy hassle-free auto repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Dashboard Lights On My Car?

The cost of replacing your dashboard lights can vary. You can expect to save a significant amount by replacing your own lights. This saves you the inconvenience of driving to your local auto repair shop and the cost of labor.

For most replacement bulb projects, expect to spend between $20 and $100. The amount depends on the type of bulbs needed for your vehicle and how many are burned out. While you have your instrument panel removed, consider replacing all the bulbs. This will prevent you from performing this maintenance task again as other bulbs that are the same age begin to burn out.

Take on this simple auto repair project with the help of your local auto parts store. Ask about a tool loan program and discuss the symptoms of your vehicle with an auto parts professional to determine whether you need additional components or if replacement bulbs will solve the issue. Learn more about windshield wipers size, signs of sensor damage and other auto repair information by going online or speaking to your local auto repair experts.

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