Integrity Heating and Cooling – Why March is the Time to Get Your Cooling Checked

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Living anywhere in Illinois can be a challenge when it comes to the seasons, something which we have all witnessed in it s most extreme as the temperatures plummeted last month. I love in Mokena,Il and during those freezing days the only thing which we could think about was the heating systems. That may have just been a month ago but things are already changing and for me, March is the time to call the guys at Integrity heating and cooling, to come and get my air conditioning unit checked out. The heating may still be on for you but here is why now is the perfect time to get the air con checked.


Your air conditioning unit may have been firing on all cylinders the last time that you used it but after a long spell of inactivity that may have changed. On most occasions that these machines break down it is after a long spell without being used and that is why you may be surprised to learn that it no longer works well, despite how you may have left it. The last thing that you need is to realize that the unit is broken when you need it most, so get ahead of the game and have it checked out sooner rather than later.

Winter Affects

When you see freezing temperatures like we had here in Mokena,Il or across the state in general, it is important to understand that this level of cold affects everything from cars to buildings. This means that although you haven’t used your air conditioning unit for a long time, it may still have felt the full force of the freezing temperatures during winter time. If parts have seized during the winter then you want to be sure that you get them fixed sooner rather than later.

Financial Pressure

If something has gone drastically wrong with your air conditioning unit then it may not be cheap to repair, or even to replace. For many people this will mean saving up for a couple of months in order to afford the repairs, but what if the heatwave has already arrived? Instead of sweating it out for months until you can get your air con unit fixed, have it checked out now so that you can give yourself some time to save up for the repairs.

Time and Availability

Because not everyone will check their air conditioning unit in the early stages of the year, should you need help then it will be easier to resolve now than in the grips of summer. Professionals who work on these systems will be more readily available and most importantly, so too will the parts which you need for the repair.

Plan well and get ahead of the curve this summer, make sure that you get that air conditioning unit checked out now.

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