Jeff Breault’s Passion Beyond Business

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Jeff Breault is a name which some of you may be familiar with thanks to his booming automotive business but to me he is a co-worker and most importantly a great friend. I grew up next door to Jeff and our passion for cars is what I am sure has kept us together for over 40 years. I helped Jeffrey Breault out in the early days of his business and I am so happy for him to see the success which he has had with it. I often see these posts about successful CEOs and what they like to do in their spare time, so I thought that I would do something similar for my good friend and industry leader Jeffrey Breault.


You would have to be a lunatic to go into the automotive industry if you didn’t have a passion for cars but in Jeff’s case this is a passion which goes far beyond buying and selling. Jeff Breault is very much a car aficionado and there isn’t a thing which he doesn’t know about the cars and the industry. Jeff is constantly flicking through car magazines, buying vintage car models online or racing his own speedsters around the track. I often head out on race days with Jeffrey Breault and I must say that not only is he an expert, he is quite the racer!


Jeff Breault uses music as a medium to unwind and to relax himself both at the start and at the end of the day. He likes a wide range of music but by far and away his favorite genre is country music, sadly not something that I can say I share with him. Jeff has always loved country music, I believe it was his mother who inspired him there, and he regularly attends live concerts and his car is always pumping out some country tunes, each to their own!


Jeff doesn’t get too much time to travel given the pressures and responsibilities which he has at work but when he can get away he loves to explore new places. Jeff’s vacations are never what someone may consider normal and he generally heads off to wild places like Namibia, Laos or the Solomon Islands and the like. Wherever possible Jeff and I do our fair share of traveling too and we get to as many of the world’s greatest car races as possible. Over the years we have attended some of the most iconic races in the world.


What I love about Jeff is that he hasn’t altered too much since our younger days and he always makes time to head out for a beer with the guys and myself. Jeff loves his bar nights and I think for him it is a nice break from speaking with rich executives and money men, at the bar he can just be Jeff and nothing more.

There you have it, how a powerful business leader spends their free time.

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