Visit Costa Rica the Jewel of Central America

Costa Rica is one of the countries of Central America. Its ideal location means that it has perfect weather and beautiful sunlit beaches. And of course nothing can compare with the handsome and plentiful Costa Rican beachfront rentals you can find throughout the country

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There are beautiful fun filled places all over the globe but very few can match the beauty and amenities of Costa Rica, the jewel of Central America. This year-round tropical paradise offer visitors the perfect way forget about your cares and get back to nature.

Costa Rica is one of the countries of Central America that along with its neighbors is the bridge between North and South America. Its ideal location means that it has perfect weather and beautiful sunlit beaches. And of course nothing can compare with the handsome and plentiful Costa Rica beachfront rentals you can find throughout the country.

Costa Rico is a very small country but it has a world renowned reputation for nature. In fact the country houses 5% of the world biodiversity. Also more than 25% of the country is protected wildlife preserve. For these reasons traveling here is a lesson on the environment.

Costa Rica is a primary destination for sun lovers and owes its large amount of visitors to its tourist aimed economy. It is also a democratic country since 1949 and the most peaceful in the region.

The country is the most desirous for businesses in the region and attracts many multi-national corporations with its welcoming business environment. Costa Rica has a modern infrastructure, stability, and educated population. Also many Costa Ricans speak English fluently making people from the West feel right at home.

Where to Visit in Costa Rica

There are literally dozens of small cities and towns where you can put your stakes down when you visit. Many who come decide on a few different areas to make sure that they get to experience the delights of the entire country.

Playa Junquillal

Playa Junquillal which is south of Tamarindo and just west of Santa Cruz is an area that abounds in tropical beauty. This picturesque little town has quiet beaches with tide pools and lush tropical forests that create the perfect backdrop for creating your own adventures. It is an ecological Eden with friendly locals who are happy to welcome guests.

One of the top activities in Playa Junquillal is surfing. Located on the north Pacific coast of the country it is perfectly placed for big waves, breaks and swells. You can also kayak, scuba and deep sea fish. Best of all the beach is usually not crowded. You will enjoy the 2 mile long copper-colored sand beach that is perfect for tanning.

You can also ride mountain bikes, go sightseeing and even horseback ride in Playa Junquillal. There are things here for the entire family and kids will enjoy the water and nature activities.

Playa Flamingo

For those looking for a more upscale and sophisticated vacation, you should visit Playa Flamingo. Although you will not find and flamingoes here, what you will discover is a beautiful and elegant miles long crescent shaped white sand beach with gentle waves and crystal clear water.

Surrounding the beach are green hills where the town is nestled. This seaside town is replete with sunbathing and relaxing on the gorgeous beach is a must. You can also easily arrange sightseeing tours or diving trips to the nearby Catalina Islands, which are right off Playa Flamingo. Why not do a catamaran tour to Sugar Beach for a day?. Or charter a fishing boat to catch Tuna, snapper, Sailfish, or Marlin. You can also shop at the towns many boutiques, and get a gourmet meal at the restaurants and bars that line the streets. Playa Flamingo is a one of a kind vacation spot.

Santa Teresa

If you are looking for a beach town in Costa Rica that has it all, consider Santa Teresa. This small, beautiful village is on the western side of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast is a beach and nature lover’s dream. The areas white sand beaches are the most beautiful in the country and the water has a consistent surf.

The entire area is surrounded by forest lending itself to nature activities and treks through uninhabited tropical settings. The vibe is definitely laid back until the sun goes and then the vibrant nightlife will provide entertainment until the sun comes up. Santa Teresa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica and for good reason.

Costa Rica is a Foodie Capital

Costa Rica is recognized for its unending beauty but it also reigns impresses with the local food. The country’s signature dishes all use fresh ingredients, exotic fruits, and vegetables that are grown locally and lots of seafood of course that is caught of the coast. The food staples here are rice and beans and can be found in nearly every local dish.

Because Costa Rican families typically eat together, local Costa Rican meals contain many different dishes served together. Here are a few of the local favorites that are served during meals.

Sopa Negra – This black bean soup is filled with delicious local vegetables including onions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers and local spices, and is a favorite. The soup is completely vegetarian and is perfect for those who are avoiding gluten.

Tamal – A tamal is a version of a Mexican tamale but done in the Costa Rican way.  It looks like a typical tamale but instead of the corn husks they are wrapped in banana leaves and the spices are completely different. Costa Rican tamals are heavy on garlic and other spices and some say they are the gourmet version of the food. They can be served at every meal throughout the day.

Fish Casado – As mentioned Costa Ricans like to eat many dishes during a meal. A casado is a combination of dishes served together. It will likely include rice and beans, tortillas, fried plantains, and a meat that could be chicken, beef or the local favorite which is a whole fish. The spices are fantastic and the meal combination of flavors delightful.

Arroz con Leche – Translated as rice with milk, this Costa Rican desert is certainly the most popular. But its simple name does not do justice to the complex taste of the dish. There are a range of delicate flavors including salt, cinnamon, lemon zest, and sugar that come together perfectly. It is the right desert for any Costa Rican meal.

Getting Here

Getting to Costa Rica is easy. Most airlines have direct flights from major cities to the capital city San Jose or to Mexico City and then to San Jose. When you land in San Jose, there are local commuter flight to any of the beach areas.

Come with your family and have a relaxing and adventurous, unforgettable holiday in Costa Rica.

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