Javier Burillo – The Pleasure of Proper Mexican Fast Food

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In Mexico they have a lot of fast food outlets. Indeed just about every chain that you can find in the US is here, from McDonalds to Wendy’s, yet that isn’t exactly what real fast food is all about. Here in Mexico they also have a type of dining which is called ‘comida corrida’ which directly translates as fast food. This is one of the best ways of dining and you can find ‘Fondas’ throughout the Mexico City and the rest of the country, which will offer this perfect meal choice.

If you are in the country, ignore the chains, and focus on this delicious option instead.

Broken Down

Comida corrida is a set price menu with a couple of different options to choose from. Within your meal you will have a starter of soup, followed by rice or pasta and then you will have a main meal, which is usually a choice between 3/4 items. Additionally you will be served with a fresh flavored water and often a dessert of jelly or flan to finish it all off. Usually this costs less than $3. There are some higher end fondas, my friend Javier Burillo runs one in fact, which provide higher quality meals for a little bit extra money. This however is in the minority, and you are more likely to find low cost and tasty options.

One Stop Shop

Traditionally this kind of meal was designed for the workers in the country, who could rely on a low cost and high quality option to fill them up as they were working. In fact if you go to fondas this is still very much the case, and you will see a lot of workers in there. The beauty of this kind of place is that it is a one stop shop for a filling meal which will keep you going all afternoon. There is no doubt that this is the best way to get yourself a good and hearty lunch.

Delicious Options

What you will find in the fonda are traditional Mexican dishes which are prepared by the staff in the same way that they would prepare food at home for their families and friends. This is not some glossy dining experience, but one which feels more akin to being invited into the home of a local. This is again why this makes for such an incredible experience for you to enjoy.

Fast Food

Because these places are only preparing a limited number of food items, they are able to deliver your food very quickly indeed, and they take the phrase fast food much more seriously than those outlets we mentioned in the intro. You can expect to get in, get fed and get out again within 30 minutes, ready to get back to work for the afternoon.

If you are spending any time in Mexico, be sure to try out a local fonda when it comes to enjoying your lunchtime meal.

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