Out-of-The-Box Ways to Meet Your New S.O. in 2020

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More than 50% of surveyed Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 do not have a steady partner, notes an article in The Washington Post. This can be attributed to many factors, the report continues—in the area of virtual communication, some people don’t know where to look for a meaningful relationship, while others are discontent with their jobs, finances, living situations or sense of purpose and identity which can affect their confidence on a date. No matter the reason, young adults seem to have a more difficult time building romantic connections now than in years past. 

Despite this trend, however, many singles remain optimistic that a significant other will be on their radar in 2020, and one-third of Americans have already made a New Year’s resolution to be more intentional in their social lives, based on data from Ipsos—whether that’s deepening a current relationship or meeting and falling in love with someone new. If this also happens to be one of your goals in 2020, first you need a plan for where to start your dating search. Of course, there’s always websites to join or mobile apps to swipe, but if you want to find a significant other is a less curated, more unique and organic way, here are some ideas on where to look for romance this New Year.    

Connect with Someone Through your Digital Hobbies

Have you ever stopped to consider how all the time you spend on a mobile device can actually foster a love connection in real-life? Many people whose hobbies revolve around the internet—such as online gamers, for example—have found successful relationships on this platform. One in three gamers meet their significant others this way, confirms a poll from Chumba Casino, and 34% add that relationship building is their favorite part of the medium. So if Fortnite, The Sims or World of Warcraft is your pastime, connect with others who share this mutual interest. 

Take a Group Exercise Class at a Local Fitness Studio

While the phrase “opposites attract” has some obvious truth to it, chances are that you also want a partner who values the kind of lifestyle commitments and aspirations that you do. For instance, if health and fitness are important to you, then meeting someone in a yoga class, runner’s club or even the weight room at a gym is an ideal option. You can bond over this passion, hold each other accountable and coordinate your workouts. Not to mention, the pleasure hormones from exercise activate the same reward center in the brain as falling in love, Neuron Journal points out.           

Attend a Meetup Club for Social Events and Activities

From cocktail hour or a drum circle, to an open-mic night or a book club, no matter how unique your interests are, there just might be people in your own zip code who have this common ground. Meetup is an online service that allows users to organize and promote local events and form a community with like-minded individuals in the process. On this website, you can register to attend someone else’s Meetup or create one yourself for others to join. Not only could this expand your social network, it might also introduce you to a person who makes your heart race.      

Volunteer Your Time to a Charity Project Each Week

Is there a specific cause or organization that fires you up inside and do opportunities exist in your area to get involved? If so, then consider helping out—whether you serve meals at a homeless shelter, walk dogs at an animal rescue, answer phones at a crisis hotline or love on foster kids at a welfare agency, the fulfillment you’ll receive is unmatched, as are the possible connections. “The qualities that make a good volunteer—willingness, patience, eagerness to learn and go beyond the call of duty from time to time—are also attractive in a new partner,” The Guardian adds.   

If you want 2020 to be the start of a long-term romance, think outside Tinder, Bumble or Match.com. While there’s no inherent problem with these resources—and many people do have success on them—these unique and unconventional dating methods can help you seek out a meaningful, deep and committed relationship with someone whose interests, passions, values, cares and quirks align with yours.

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