Tatiana Regan – Importance of Making Family Videos

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Making Family Videos

My friend Tatiana Regan was always the butt of our jokes when we were younger because of her incessant use of the video camera on her phone. Back then phones were pretty new and she was just incredibly obsessed with taking videos of every moment or event. In fact we long believed that Tatiana Regan would go on to become a camerawoman one day, although she decided instead to go into surveying, go figure! Whilst we all may have made jokes back then, the joke was actually on us because now Tatiana has hundreds of hours of the most amazing footage of us all and her family. I firmly believe we should all be taking more videos of family members and here is why.


When you lose a member of your family you can’t call them up anymore, you can’t ask them questions, and you can’t hear their voice anymore either. This is why taking a video is such a great idea, you never know how long people will be around for so why not capture some beautiful moment with them whilst you still have them with you. Trust me that there is nothing nicer than watching someone come back to life on your screens.


As hard as you may try there are just some memories which cannot be remembered in their entirety, we may remember the events or who was there but actually remembering what was said is something that most of us fail to retain. When you take videos of these events they can last forever and you can go back and watch them whenever you want to see how things went down, instead of searching in your memory bank.


Something I have enjoyed a great deal when looking back at all of Tatiana’s videos of when we were younger is to compare where we were then and where we are now. We have a friend who used to be overweight when we were kids but over the years she managed to lose almost all of it and now looks great. When she watches these videos back it gives her an enormous sense of pride of what she was able to accomplish, and it is a nice measure of just how far you have come.


Most families are spread out across a country or even the world, and when you have the chance to catch up with them, showing them videos of the rest of the family is a great way too show them what everyone is up to. Instead of simply talking about a recent event or family get-together, you can show them real footage of what went on.

We can take videos with more ease than ever before, simply get your phone out of your pocket, open ups the camera and take a video which will last forever, if you do, you certainly won’t regret it.

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