What to know when choosing a headstone

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Paying our respect to those that have passed away is quite important. Headstones and gravestones are a way to cement a person’s time on this Earth, so choosing the right one is a must. It’s not always as simple as it may appear, as there are several factors to consider. Nowadays you can even find a gravestone online, so that can significantly make the entire process easier and as stress-free as possible.

Choosing the materials

Creating headstones and gravestones is an entire process of craftsmanship which begins with the chosen material. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, each one unique in its properties and looks. Granite and bronze are considered staples, although you can also choose from marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, and fieldstone. Each one is different because it lasts for different amounts of time, because no stone can hold the quality of the inscription the same forever. There are also several different colors to choose from, which can add an extra level of personal touch.

Types of gravestones

There is no singular style of a gravestone, as it’s possible to choose from a variety of types. The most common and popular is the rectangular one, which is also considered a classic. However, several different varieties have become popular in recent times. You can choose from a capped stone, tablet, plaque, block, or sculptured cross. Sculpted reliefs are also a popular addition to the gravestone, as well as vases, and you can also include any personal detail you deem fit.

Including names

Commonly gravestones can include several names for different reasons, like a spouse. However, not every type of headstone can easily include the names of everyone you might want to. That’s why you need to make sure that the stone you’ve chosen has enough space to honor the spouse.


Adding symbolic carvings can be a complicated process, because with modern technology you can easily include more details than mere letters, numbers, or symbols. A picture of the loved one can be etched on the stone, as well as any other personal detail you may want to. However, the carvings on the stone are permanent, so make sure that you’ve chosen properly. Do your research as much as possible, because you want the chosen symbolism to be a good fit. Once it’s on the stone it’s irreversible.

Information displayed

The most common information that’s put on the headstone is the full name, date of birth, and death. When you’re giving over the details about the loved one, make sure that the information is completely correct, and double-check as soon as possible. You can also include a quote, a favorite Bible verse, or even a description. Consider the fact that it’s something that will reflect your loved one, so make sure that it’s a type of quote that they’d want to be remembered by.

Choosing the right headstone isn’t an entirely simple task. There are several details to go through, and it might take you some time to figure everything out. It’s not something that you’d want to rush, so make sure you take your time.

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