How to find the right CBD-rich strain

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When we think of cannabidiol (CBD) products, tincture oils, edibles, capsules and vape juices spring to mind. These are the classic ways of consuming this non-psychoactive therapeutic substance, derived from hemp. But for those who want a traditional method to enjoy their CBD, it’s also possible to smoke or vape good old flower.

Just like the growth of the recreational industry sparked demand for cultivation of strains with increased psychoactive THC content, the emerging medicinal hemp market wants strains that have a rich concentration of CBD, with hardly any THC. Some of these premium strains can have CBD content greater than 20 percent.

In this post, we will outline the benefits of different types of CBD wholesale hemp nugs, so that you can determine whether you need an indica, sativa or hybrid strain. The specific effects of a CBD strain are not decided by the CBD concentration, but the type of terpene profile that is present.

Benefits of indicas

Indica strains bring the calming properties of CBD to the fore, just what is needed for combatting conditions such as chronic pain and migraines. The additional relaxing effects are thanks to terpenes like linalool and myrcene. Indicas are felt more in the body, with their soothing influence also helping to crush anxiety and enhance sleep quality.

Because of these effects, many CBD users feel that indicas are best enjoyed at night, when they can afford to feel completely relaxed and sleepy. Strong doses of CBD are renowned for being sedative, and indicas double down on these qualities.

Examples of indicas: Bubba Kush, Tropic Thunder, Catatonic

Benefits of sativas

Sativas are much different, with the effects of these strains more cerebral and energizing than indicas. These benefits tend more towards those using CBD to combat fatigue, and to improve motivation and concentration levels. Sativas also bring out the antidepressant qualities of CBD, and encourage a clear-headed, anxiety-free mental state.

This kind of strain is perfect for waking yourself up in the morning, while getting a nice dose of CBD to ease your ailments. It’s the ideal strain for the daytime, when you need to stay alert and focussed, perhaps for work. Remember that just because sativas have mood-boosting effects, this is not the same as the euphoric, mind-altering experience that you get from a high-THC sativa strain.

Examples of sativas: Emerald Star, Green House Electra, Pineapple Haze

Benefits of hybrids

You may have gathered by the name that hybrids are somewhere in the middle of sativas and indicas. These strains don’t give you the heavy sedating effects of an indica, but at the same time the sativa properties aren’t too strong, either. This delicate balance makes hybrids effective at all times of day.

Perhaps you are suffering from severe pain symptoms, and want the painkilling effects of CBD to stay with you in the daytime – but equally, you can’t afford to be drowsy due to work. A hybrid will give you that pain relief, while keeping your energy levels up.

Some hybrids have more in common with indica or sativa strains, and are referred to as indica or sativa-dominant respectively.

Examples of hybrids: Super Haze, Cool Mint, AC Diesel  

How to use CBD flower

Most people buy CBD flower to smoke it in a joint. This is the way that the majority like to enjoy cannabis, as it can be a fun social experience, and really showcases the flavor of a strain. In a therapeutic context, smoking promotes pretty much an instant onset of effects, so is the most efficient way of consuming CBD. Flower can also be smoked in a bong or a pipe, depending on preference.

It’s also possible to vaporize flower, with portable or desktop devices that specialize in handling dry herb. This is a somewhat healthier form of consumption, and maintains the efficient experience that you get with smoking.

For those who really want to get clever, flower can also be used to make homemade edibles, tincture oils and creams. This can be really cool if you want to combine certain plant extracts, but can’t find a product that currently does what you want it to!

Final thoughts

Nobody is suggesting that smoking is safe, even if it is hemp or cannabis, rather than tobacco. But when taking the risks into context, CBD-rich flower is still one of the best wholesale CBD products available for users who put a high priority on an authentic experience. And for enthusiasts, there are so many strains to sample!

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