Why Arizona is the Perfect Place for an RV Trip

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An RV is an excellent way to go on a road trip, allowing you to see new places while staying comfortable. If you are planning to visit Arizona and will be seeing multiple places, then renting an RV or finding a sub-prime rv financing can be the best way to get around. Here’s why Arizona is such a great state to visit in an RV. 

It Has Great Year-Round Weather

Away from the mountains, there is mostly mild weather in Arizona for most of the year, so if you are planning to enjoy the outdoors, then the weather is usually great for hiking, biking and more. However, during certain months, you may find the nights are chilly, and during the days in summer, it can get extremely hot. That’s why it’s worth finding a RV with heating or air conditioning, so you can be comfortable during your journey.

Driving is Easy in Arizona

Unless you’re going off the beaten track, most of Arizona has flat, well-paved roads and clear signage. Therefore, if you’ve never driven an RV before, it can be a good place to practice and get used to the controls. RVs are a common site on the roads in Arizona, especially in touristy spots such as the Grand Canyon, so there is plenty of signage for bigger vans such as height clearances.

You Can Pick Up an RV from Major Cities

Nobody wants to drive for miles to pick up an RV, but in Arizona, RV rentals are popular, so there are a number of pick up locations. If you are looking for Phoenix RV rentals, you’ll find convenient pick up points in areas like downtown, so they’re easy to find and you can either walk from your hotel, or get a cab. This also means you are in a convenient location to start your Arizona road trip, with major freeways just a short drive away.

There’s Plenty of Things to Do

Arizona is full of things to see throughout the state. Some of the top destinations you might want to consider include:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Sedona Vortex
  • Sonoran Desert
  • Antelope Canyon
  • The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Needless to say, there are endless itineraries you can take through the state.

When it comes to exploring Arizona, there are many different ways to see this beautiful state. One of the most popular local activities is hiking and there’s plenty of information online about the best hiking trails in Arizona. Horse riding, biking and even helicopter rides are also popular ways to get off the beaten track, so try to add some different tours and activities to your schedule.

There’s Plenty to See Along the Way

Nothing is duller than a road trip where the only places to stop are gas stations. However, Arizona is a great place to take a long drive as there are lots of quirky small towns where you can stop along the way. Plus, you’ll find some unique roadside attractions such as unusual diners, statues, and even a small-scale reconstruction of London Bridge. You’ll definitely need to make sure your phone has plenty of storage space so you can take lots of photos along the way.

Arizona Has a Huge Number of RV Parks

Arizona has long been a popular spot for camping and outdoor pursuits, and this means that RV drivers have a huge choice of places to park their vehicle and stay. There are around 709 RV campgrounds in Arizona: some of them are located out in the desert, some of them are close to the Grand Canyon, and some of them are close to towns and cities. Therefore, when the sun starts to set, you are never far from a campground.

It’s Easy to Combine a Trip with Nearby States

Renting an RV means you have the freedom of the open road. Some people stay within Arizona, while others combine exploring the state with a trip to:

  • Southern California
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico

If you are planning to take your RV into Mexico, check this is ok with your rental company. You may need to take out extra insurance, but this can also be a fun addition to your itinerary which will something a little different.

RVs Are Great for All Sorts of Travelers

RVs are often associated with older travelers, but the truth is, they are great for all sorts of vacations. If you’re single or traveling as a couple, you can rent a compact RV that has the basics you need, while families can rent larger models with plenty of space and all the comforts to keep kids happy.

RVs can seem a little daunting if you’ve never driven one before, but once you have been behind the wheel for a couple of hours, you’ll soon get used to it. Even if you haven’t been on this kind of trip before, you will no doubt enjoy the freedom and convenience of an RV.

Arizona is a Friendly State

Arizona is known for being friendly and welcoming, so it’s a great place to take a road trip and explore. When you visit some of the best small towns in Arizona, you are certain of a warm welcome, and the locals love to recommend places to see and eat in the area. This is especially true when you go off the beaten track and away from the usual tourist spots to really get to know the state.

Whether it’s your first RV trip, or you’re an experienced RVer, Arizona is a great place to take a trip in a motorhome or similar recreational vehicle. It’s little wonder the state is so popular with RV enthusiasts as it ticks off many of the requirements on the list, from good roads to mild weather. Most RV trips to Arizona are to see the Grand Canyon, and while that’s an amazing experience, there’s also plenty of other things to do, from riding steam railways to hiking and biking. This means you can plan a trip you’ll never forget.

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