Your Guide to Having Fun in Madison Indiana

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Right at the bottom of Indiana, adjoining Kentucky, and along the River Ohio lies a beautiful city with a beautiful name; called Madison. The city is around a hundred miles south of state capital Indianapolis and 72 miles southwest of Cincinnati.

Its proximity to major cities and historical influence in the country makes it an attractive destination for tourists and backpackers.

Madison is particularly known for the Madison Historic Landmark District, which according to the official records, is designated as the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark in the country. The city is also home to the Madison Regatta, a powerboat racing competition featuring Hydroplane races, since 1948.

Now all you have to do is get your esta travel authorization ready, and then what lies ahead will be more than memorable.

Madison Indiana attractions

  1. Clifty Falls State Park

    A humongous park spans 1420 acres; the park is named after the scenic waterfalls that form there. This is one of the best places to be on a laidback Sunday. The park features several hiking trails, a canyon that sees the sun’s light only in midday, and a couple of spots at the top that give a beautiful view of the River Ohio. You can stay at the Clifty Inn, present in the park.

  2. Rockin Thunder River Tours

    If you would like to take a thrilling and equally enjoyable boat ride in the River Ohio, then you should head to 100 E Vaughn Drive, which houses this tour service outlet. Not only will you be getting an awesome motorboat ride in the river, but you can also do some birdwatching on your ride. Keep your alert; you may spot a few Bald Eagles and other exotic birds.

  3. Thomas Family Winery

    The best place to relax after a tiring day in travel, Thomas Winery boasts of some of the best wine, both local and imported foreign names. You can have some fresh-baked bread to accompany your wine. As a bonus, you get melodic live music or classical music in the background.

Madison Historic District

Madison was a very influential city in the Midwest and Southwestern states during the early and mid-19th century. Being an essential hub for transport, shipping, and commerce, you will not be surprised to find architectural structures and constructions that date back before the 1900s and 1850s.

The city is mainly known for its Historic District that houses 133 blocks, comprising buildings that are considered National Historic Landmarks.

Schofield House: A Federal-style house and the first tavern house in Madison, the Schofield House was built in 1817, and its first residents were James Lanier’s parents.

Lanier Mansion: One of the most visited landmarks in Madison, the Lanier Mansion, was built by the entrepreneur James Lanier in 1844. His legacy is reflected in the intricate interior design of the mansion.

Grand Lodge of Indiana: Founded in 1818, the Grand Lodge is a statewide organization like its only other peer, overseeing Masonic Lodges in Indiana. It has a long history, and its interiors reflect Madison’s past.

Some of the other notable places that you should explore in the historical district are:

  • Charles L. Shrewsbury House
  • Old Railroad Depot
  • Windle Auditorium
  • Fair Play Fire Company No. 1
  • Syracuse Lodge of the K of P

Camping in Madison

Is camping your thing? Want to dig in the feeling of a good camp trip? Well then, look no further because Madison is one of the best places to be if camping is on your mind.

The Clifty Falls State Park and the Coopers Creek Campground, a part of the Clifty Falls Park, are the best places for camping in Madison.

Although camping here does not come without any rules. The local authorities who preside over campgrounds have their priorities set straight, which is camping individuals’ safety.

You will have to pay a nominal fee for camping purposes and register your details at the authorized offices. You can buy your camping equipment from one of the many camping equipment shops in the city near to the parks. Or you can also rent the equipment from the official courses.

There is a list of rules and regulations that you will have to follow. For more details, visit the official city-campground website of the government of Madison.

Our Take

Madison is a beautiful name, and even more beautiful is the city that features massive parks and animal reserve sanctuaries, where you can hike, camp, and dig in mesmerizing views of the River Ohio.

Apart from that, you can study and learn more about the city’s history, from the Historic District. Get your USA Esta verified asap and pack your bags for some quality time in this border city of Indiana.

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