Winter Buying Guide for Your Truck

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Winter driving often means cold temperatures, icy roads and snow. Whether you’re preparing for a winter road trip or maintaining your work truck for another year of cold-weather commuting, use this buying guide to prepare for this chilly season. Upgrade your truck with one of the latest truck bed covers with tool box, seat covers and helpful accessories to drive safely.

Interior Protection

Getting in and out of your truck shouldn’t pose a threat to your seats, dash and floorboards. Protect your ride with seat covers for cars and trucks, a dash cover and floor liners. These protective items are an affordable and efficient way to prevent water damage throughout your interior. Snow-covered clothing and muddy boots often cause a wet, messy interior, but these protective items allow you to easily remove and wash off the worst of the road salt, water and mud.

Exterior Upgrades

Your truck’s exterior also deserves a few upgrades this winter. Here are some key items to pick up to prevent dangerous driving or improper winter-time storage:

  • Snow tires
  • Tonneau cover
  • Snow plow
  • Nerf bars

Snow tires are a must-have item in snowy driving conditions. The tread pattern, shoulders and rubber type of these tires are all tailored to cold temperatures and poor traction caused by snow and ice. If you’ve ever lost control driving over a patch of snow or ice, you know how important snow tires can be. Check the diameter and other specifications of your tires before you order a set of snow tires to replace your summer or all-terrain tires.

A tonneau cover prevents snow and ice from covering your truck bed and damaging your stored items. Pack up for a holiday road trip or keep your tools stored in your truck without worrying about the effects of moisture.

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, a snow plow can be a crucial item for your seasonal property maintenance. Equip your truck with a plow to clear your own driveway and offer your services to friends, family and neighbors in need.

Climbing in and out of your truck in full winter clothing can be difficult, so consider picking out nerf bars or running boards for a safe step up. Aftermarket steps can be larger, offer more traction or alter the height of your OEM step.

Convenient Accessories

Finally, inspect your winter toolkit to see if you have the accessories you need for winter driving. Here are some must-have accessories to keep in your truck throughout the winter season:

  • Snow brush
  • Ice scraper
  • Tire chains
  • Emergency kit

These items help you tackle typical snowfall and difficult road conditions. In an emergency, a first-aid kit, warm clothing, food and water can be a literal lifesaver. Stay safe out there and drive confidently with all the accessories you need for this time of year.

Shop Online for a Winter-Ready Ride

Gather the gear, replacement parts and must-have accessories you need online. When you shop for WeatherTech floor mats sale, snow tires and other winter gear online, you can enjoy great deals and hassle-free shipping options.

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