Mark Hochberg MD – How to Stay Healthy During CoVid-19

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We are truly living in strange times since the arrival of the CoVid-19 pandemic which has quite literally brought the world to a halt. The best thing that all of us can do is to stay at home in the hope of reducing the pressure which this illness will have on the healthcare systems. Whilst staying at home may sound simple there is actually a lot that we must be careful of in terms of our physical and mental health. Helping to share some tips on how you can stay in good health, we have Mark Hochberg MD who shared this info. 

Mental and Physical 

Don’t forget that mental and physical health often go hand in hand which is why you need to pay equal attention to them both. Make sure that for every mental exercise you do there is also a physical exercise, in looking after both of these you’ll be able to ensure that you are maintaining good health for the whole of your body. 

In-House Workouts

Simply because you are not able to get to a gym doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be working out and there is a wealth of options which you have. If you have a garden then you can get out there and do some HIIT workouts, even if you are confined to a flat there is a great deal that you can do with the likes of YouTube videos where you will find a wealth of views which have cool workouts, many of which are just 20 -30 minutes long. 


We are doing all that we can to avoid contacting the virus but we have to accept that there is a very real chance that we could get it. In the main we are seeing that the majority of people who have difficulties with this infection and those who do need hospital support are those who are generally unhealthy and overweight, as well as those who are older and more vulnerable. This then is the perfect opportunity to get in shape and make sure that your body is fighting fit. Boosting your immune system with a good diet makes sense at any given time but all the more so given what we are going through right now. 


In terms of your mental wellbeing it is important that you maintain healthy relationships. To any of you who are living on your own it is important that you keep reaching out to people and that you seek social interaction when you need it. Those who are stuck together with family after a while it can be frustrating which is why it is important that you learn to take some time away where necessary. Take yourself off to another room in the home for some personal time so that you can be better for them when you are together. 

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