Tips for Planning a Great Fun Day

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For a professional event planner, the goal for each event is to deliver fun and entertainment safely. There may be some changes depending on the size of the event, but the key elements remain the same. Hosting an event helps you develop a deep bond between you and participants. Events should reflect the personality of the host or event organiser as much as possible.  

Significantly, if you have already organised an event, you know things do not always go according to plan. There will be challenges; therefore, you should constantly be prepared. It is not a trivial task to organise an event, although it is rewarding, and often, a lot of fun. The secret is to be resourceful and work with experts that offer a funfair stall for hire.

Elements you should consider

Planning an event requires you to be mindful of all details. It is prudent to create a checklist as many elements go into mounting an event. Aside from giving attention to details, you must be a creative, resourceful, out-of-the-box thinker, responsive, flexible and energetic. You should also be good at networking, which will come in handy if emergency crops up. 

Determine the date

The season and the weather are good determinants. In the UK, rain showers occur unexpectedly in summer. If you are holding the event outdoors, the date will be critical because you have to ensure the weather will be favourable on the specific date. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for any weather anomaly. 

Aside from the weather, you should also check if there other events happening near your venue, which may cause confusion among guests. 

Determine the venue and time

The venue is another critical item to take care of early in the event production stage. You should secure the venue for the date that the client wants. See to it that it will accommodate the anticipated number of guests and the entertainment equipment you will hire. As you are still in the planning stage, it is an efficient option to tentatively hire another venue. It can be valuable if there are changes in the plan later. Be definite about the time of the event, as some venues are reasonably strict and will start charging you extra if your event goes on past the predetermined time.  

Select your suppliers

Pick the vendors and suppliers. You may be talking to several suppliers for the food and drinks, the entertainment, sound system supplier, venue decorators and others. Consider working with a supplier who can provide all the things you require in one package. Your job will be easier if you only have to talk to one person or one company. 

Determining the suppliers early will allow you time to do a risk assessment. You should check every piece of equipment. While suppliers of fairground stalls for hire regularly check and maintain their equipment, it is your responsibility to see to it that they are indeed in good operating condition. 

Aside from the foregoing list, you should be aware of any legal guidelines for holding events outdoors. Some venues are particular about food and drinks, live entertainment, games and serving of alcohol. Check also if there are council licenses and fees to pay. 

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