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When it comes to high powered management teams for investment funds there is a fine balance to be stuck between what they are doing for the sake of the business and the most important people of all, the investors. The wedge between these two key components of any investment fund or company such as TitleCard Capital is of course the investment manager. An investment manager must wear many different types of hats depending on who they are with and what responsibilities they are dealing with. We spoke to some of the team at TitleCard to find out just how important investment managers are, and what they need to do in order to make sure that everyone is happy, let’s take a look.


The importance of the investment manager cannot be understated and they are the key point person who will work with a foot in both camps in terms of the management team and the investors. The main role which the investment manager has is to generate investment and to make sure that the money keeps on coming in. After all any kind of private equity group is only as successful as the money which it has coming in and it can only invest with whatever it has. The investment manager must not only keep the money flowing in, but also ensure that it is being invested wisely.

Management Team

In terms of working with the management team the investment manager will take a key role in the decision making process and using the data which has been found, they will help to take a decision on where the investment goes. This area of the job takes up about 10% of their responsibilities with the majority of their work being spent with the investors, managing relationships and seeking out investment.

Seeking and Managing

There is another fine balance which the investment manager must strike and that is between managing the current crop of investors and seeking out new money to come in. Both of these strategies will generate income for the fund but one cannot be preferred to the other. Original investors want to feel that their investment is being protected and if they think that you aren’t spending enough time with them then they may take their money elsewhere, something which any investment fund could do without.


For the job role of an investment manager one has to be confident and knowledgable about what they are doing. Furthermore someone within this position needs to have great communication skills and the ability to speak with people on all levels within the industry. Investment managers must also be able to deal with high pressure situations and the additional weight of responsibility which they will feel towards both their investors and to their management team.

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